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540 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 540 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 540 Series

540-317-2992 Aggitated
2015-06-10 20:32:55
When I refused to give my personal information out over the phone to a random person who calls me they got very upset. All they would say is "this is Performance, and we are calling about a personal business matter." I asked if they were a debt collection agency and they refused to answer because I would not give them my personal information. Which to me means they are a debt collection agency.
540-898-8818 cialis france
2014-12-23 17:54:32
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540-318-0350 fightingeclipse
Called back , looked like a local cell number - person answered said promotions dept , didnt say who for or what for when I asked and then hung up.
540-318-0350 GP930
I had this too but it didn't go to vm. I hoped it would b/c it has called me a few times but nothing.
540-318-0258 dixie griffin
A male called and asked for me, when my mother asked if she could ask who wast calling and take a message as I wasn't home, they were extremely rude to her.
540-318-0258 rebecca
sent to voicemail... no message.
540-318-0194 Mary
Received a phone call from this number. No message left.
540-318-0189 Sully
This number calls every other day usually but sometimes several times in one day. It's very annoying because it's been going on for months and they never leave a message. I do not keep my volume on because I have a baby who is a light sleeper so I usually don't know that they have called until hours later.
540-318-0185 Sully
Calls and leaves no message regularly. Very annoying.
540-318-0174 Erica
A hang up call
540-318-0040 Pam
Wanted to know who owns this number.
540-317-3245 MGD
The PROMODESIGN.COM domain was revoked by GoDaddy. This organized crime syndicate has replaced it with PROMOSTEMPLATE.COM. Same 540-317-3245 number.
540-317-3245 MGD
PROMODESIGN.COM AKA "N Your Face Promos" 540-317-3245 is a fake front company that is part of a large group of fraudulent websites processing hijacked card data into cash. The operation is ran by a multi year Russian organized crime syndicate, operating from Eastern Europe. The fake sites are set up exclusively to process stolen card data, and launder the charges into cash. The stolen funds are then wired to various banks in Bulgaria, Latvia, Kyrgstan, and Cyprus. Some of the stolen funds have ended up in the Ukraine. This crime syndicate recruits cyber-mules either through fake job adds, or by targeting online posted resumes at careerbuilders.com, Monster, etc. They masquerade as legitimate software companies from various countries in Europe. The duped cyber-mules are then instructed to set up domestic LLCs / Corps, open a business bank account, and obtain merchant gateway processing services specifically through authorize.net. The crime syndicate manages the associated website and uses the services set up by the cyber-mules to launder hijacked credit cards into cash. Every single charge processed via these sites are from stolen card data. It is estimated that they may process 2 million cards a year, and may have 40 to 50 fraud sites operating at any given time.If you receive a charge from one of these fraud entities, it is imperative that you report the charge as FRAUDULENT, and cancel and replace the card. They will keep charging it, also, CHECK YOUR PRIOR STATEMENTS for small fraud charges that you may have missed.Also, please file a report at http://www.ic3.gov/complaintPROMODESIGN.COM AKA "N Your Face Promos" 540-317-3245 is specifically addressed on a post on this page: scroll Downhttp://www.dslreports.com/forum/r19620593-Ebo ... er=promosdesignThe complete story of this long running criminal organization is documented starting here: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r19620593-Ebo ... DigitalAgePluto
540-317-2992 Phillend
Do not answer this call .Harrassing collection attempting to collect bad debts that are not collectible
540-317-2992 karen
thank you....it helped me
540-317-2992 Annoyed Again
I'm getting calls from this number, which is in Virginia. However the caller leaves a direct callback number of 800-866-5317, indicating the call is about a "time sensitive business matter". Looking up the 800 number, I find that this is a collection agency with a less than stellar reputation. My credit is clean, and I owe no back taxes. I will be blocking the number, and any other they call from.I hope this helps someone avoid these jerks.I love this site!
540-317-2964 Donna
They just called me. Did not leave any voice message.
540-317-2004 susie
called at 8.58 am no message culpepper va
540-317-2004 RV
National Do Not Call List does not apply to charities. Most of the time the charity (if its legit) has it's own DNC list you can request to be placed on.
540-317-2004 Deb2
They have called 2x in the last 2 days.  My husband was still sleeping when the callcame in today @8:30 AM, (Saturday).  Yesterday I answered and nobody replied, soI hung up.  We are on the DO NOT CALL list, so what gives?
540-317-2004 D
Call from this number just came in, 8:45AM weekday; they did not leave a message. Caller ID puts the origin in Culpeper, Virginia.
540-317-2004 Sandra
I keep getting calls from this number for donations for firefighters, police, cancer and now today for children's research fund raiser, I am tired of these calls, I do not do donations over the phone but once you make a donation to a charity than all of them start calling you day after day after day.  I get at least 5 calls a week from some charity organization.  What the heck is the point of putting your phone # on the do not call list when they just call anyway.  Someone needs to start fining these people and they will stop calling.  Like another person said if they gave the money that it cost them to make these long distance calls to the charity than they wouldn't need to get money from all of us.
540-317-2004 Deb
Calls from this number day/night,early morn/weekends. Called number back, didnt use area code because we have same.  Said call did not go thru,please try again. So that area code is some how forged. Live in Roanoke area.  Why be sneaky, who you are should be known if you are legit.  I also do not make contributions  over the phone,  I tell them to send me the info, if have phone number, you have address.
540-317-2004 Deb Fitzwater
Calls from this number day/night,early morn/weekends. Called number back, didnt use area code because we have same.  Said call did not go thru,please try again. So that area code is some how forged. Live in Roanoke area.  Why be sneaky, who you are should be known if you are legit.  I also do not make contributions  over the phone, ��I tell them to send me the info, if have phone number, you have address.
540-317-2004 Bill
I don't answer the landline. I no longer make any contributions to any cold calling orgs.
540-317-2004 someone in VA
Keep getting calls from this number, caller ID says Virginia. I called them back, as when they called, they didn't answer. When I call them back I get a recording that someone will call me back. What a circus. I plan on telling them to quit or I will report this number to the proper authorities. Enough already, as I get this call every day at the same time, around 3:30 pm. If this is a true legit organization, they should take the money it costs them to make these phone calls and give it to the charity.
540-317-2004 GIZ
540-317-2004 Retired Firefighter
I got a call from this number today.  The gentleman who called identified himself as representing "Firefighter charities".  When I asked him what firefighters he represented, he replied, "all of them!"  He couldn't give me any specific group of firefighters that he represented.  I asked him to take my name off of his list.  I called my local union representive to see if the organization was legitimate.  He has never heard of it, so I gave him the number from my caller ID.  He is going to check out the organization.  The number is from Culpeper, VA which about halfway between DC and Roanoke,VA. I have received numerous calls from the same locality with people representing cancer funds, police, special olympics, etc.
540-317-2004 Hands
Answered call from this number raising money for firefighters association.  Have gotten multiple calls from Culpepper VA (not sure if same number) all doing fundraising for police, firefighters and cancer funds.  Nice causes, sure, but very tired of all the calls.
540-317-2004 Smith
No message, but I called the number back.  It is a fund raising company.

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