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Looked Number: 5208858753 | Area Code : 520 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 5208858753

Peggy Real
Just got the same call, but was told nothing about magazines. She told me that they are having a drawing May 31st for the grand prize drawing (truck, trip to europe, and new truck). She asked me about the weather, and made small talk. That was it. I'd better not get any magazines at my door. I didn't offer her any information at all. They already had my address, and name.

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Same thing as above for me
hey so i got the same call identified me by name and had my address on file some how, said they were part of a publication company and said i was entered to win 25 grand a new chevy truck and free magazines. I located the number to be a landline in tucson, arizona. I can't get the exact address but it's off a road called East Old Spanish Trail in the zip code 85710. The reason why i don't have the address is cause i don't feel like payin the company for all the info on the number. All I know is say your age is less than 18. He or she can't ask any questions about you personally without doing it illegally. Always be suspicious of all unknown answers. I hope this helps and maybe someone will shut this sorry a** scammers from making money wrongfully
i got the same call but the lady told me it had something to do with me using my credit cards. i dont know what this is either i tried calling back but no one answers. if you do find out something happens with this lady calling us please let me know and i'll let you know if something happens with myself as well
I got this call a little while ago. The lady was very nice on the other end and called to say that I had been entered in the Dreams come True sweepstakes. I think she also mentioned something about a Bank. She was calling from some sort of Publications company and wanted to verify my address. Of course not seeing into it I verified it. She greeted me by name. She then said as a finalist I was to be getting 6 subscriptions to any 6 magazines I wanted for 48 months. I said ok and she asked my age and occupation. After that she hung up. I really hopes nothing comes of this call. After I felt suspicious so here I am. Hope this helps someone. And I really hope I didn't just get myself into a whole lot of trouble.
Wanting you to enter sweepstakes for a car and 25,000 and receive a free watch and 4 free magazines
Several calls from this number.
Got a call from this phone number.  They said I had won some prizes(car, trip,).  I told them I didn't enter into any contest.  They told me the establishment I banked for put me into this drawing, and all they needed to do was confirm my address.  I told them thank you for the choice, but no thanks.  I looked them up under Hearst.  They are probably just phishing for peoples information to commit fraud.

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