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Looked Number: 5208612434 | Area Code : 520 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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AEA Scam
American Expense Analytics (AEA) is the third in a string of schemes initiated by Darren and Darryl Oliver of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  AEA follows AmCorp Management (http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-866-569-4303) and TRG (http://www.ct.gov/dob/cwp/view.asp?a=2246&q=314902) as a franchise/business opportunity scheme backed by the Olivers.  AEA, like AmCorp and TRG promise you commissions based on sales of expense and tax recoveries from corporations.  They overstate the opportunity, then collect the upfront franchise fees.  Hundreds of victims will tell you it is very difficult if not impossible to make an honest living off of the expense recovery commissions.  The only people to make money on this scheme are the Olivers and those unknowingly recruit others to buy into it.  When the scheme becomes common knowledge, they close the company and open under a new name without refunding any of the franchise fees or paying commissions due.  AEA is the Oliver's latest scheme, this time fronted by the Burke brothers as the Oliver name has become too well known.  Make no mistake, AEA is backed by the Olivers as proven by the whois database which shows the Olivers own and host the AEA website. AEA is also lead by Al Branca, a key figurehead in the AmCorp scheme and recently implicated in a New Jersey mortgage fraud scam (http://www.nj.gov/oag/newsreleases09/071509-BIRMCO-Complaint.pdf).If you have been a victim of any of these three schemes, please file reports with the State of Colorado Attorney General's Office (https://www.coloradoattorneygeneral.gov/depar ... _complaint_form) and the Federal Trade Commission (https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/).  Note: In an odd twist, Darren's wife Sara Oliver works for the Colorado Attorney General's Office.

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Innocent Victim
Its Satan, don't answer it. And they'll call again with an "unknown" number.. beware mortals.. beware !
needs to know
does anybody know this qwest wireless phone number...if so type a message in "report a phone call" please.
Called and said something un nessasary. Not just my phone but others on my cell plan.
Received a call from this number.
Phoned and left no message.
Received a call.
Free yorkie?
I found a post for a free yorkie. Thought it was way too good tobe true. But decided to ask about it anyways. I didn't send any money cuz I soon after found out was a scam. After I googled the number. So after that I kept looking for a puppy. Kept seeing free yorkie ads. Came across one that couldn't take care of the dog because her soon had cancer. Pathetic.
This is a dog / puppy scam that has been going on for a few months. The scammers will place ads in local newspapers or craigslist type sites. They will usually give you a sob story about their son/daughter having a disease that can't be cured.They will then ask you to proove that you have a good home to receive their puppies. This seems very legitimate at first . Once you start conversing with the person you will notice that the spelling and grammar are terrible, this is the first clue. You will then notice that they avoid talking to you via phone. They will e-mail or text you,this is clue number two.If you do get a hold of someone they usually have a foreign accent and don't seem to have any information about the location they are claiming to be calling from. They will ask you to send money to places that are not near where they say they are from.  Usually through western union. They will continue to give you excuses as to why the dogs have not arrived at your location. They will then ask for money (usually $1000.00) to purchase a special dog carrier, they tell you that you will be reimbursedfor its cost. Another Lie....  By this time hopefully you will have gotten wise to what is happening. DONT BE A VICTIM...  If its too good to be true..... it probably is
There are many LOCAL shelter pets waiting for you. Buy a pet you can see & needs a home.

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