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Looked Number: 5203509697 | Area Code : 520 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 5203509697

fed up
Got the call from dept of justice cap brown..could give no information jus that I needed to give them 666and I would be cleared if not I would be arrested. Then they called from what appeared to be the local sheriff office..when I called back..noone has heard of these people

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These people are scamming many people. They are in Arizona..Saying they are from the Department of Justice
I received a call - my caller ID showed "911", so I aswered because I thought this was some sort of emergency.  A caller with a very thick accent identified himself as Deputy Frank Dell from the Justice Department.  He said that I was a "frauduant lady" and that I need to call Captain Brown at 520-350-9697.  When I asked what this was all about, he refused to discuss and said that they would be sending the cops out to my home or place of business to arrest me for fraud!  I started asking questions such as his address, etc.  He gave me a bogus local address that appeared to be in my hometown (no such address exisits) and he could not even pronouce the name of my town correctly!  He finally got mad at me and said that they would be keeping an eye on me - I answered by saying, I am keeping my eye on you!!!  He then hung up!

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