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516 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 516 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 516 Series

516-453-6889 Anonymous
2018-10-05 21:12:59
Received a call and was asked if I was the person to whom the call was made. When I answered "yes" the calling party hung up. This is a scam so please be aware of it and don't respond to any questions.
516-512-4299 Anonymous
2017-10-15 02:31:16
Someone texted me from 516 512 4299 saying they respond to an ad at craig list. Then said i looked good and tried opening a conversation. I did not use craig list for a year nor said any info about myself. I was selling a college book
516-237-6300 Terra
2015-04-08 21:10:36
Did not leave a message...
516-204-7144 Mia Ferrara
2015-03-28 16:30:53
Same happened to me
516-221-6600 Exec Assistan
2014-11-06 20:55:17
Hey Mr. Bravada, spoke with your supervisor Kevin. Enjoy the meeting (or not) as let's face it, they obviously did not go to the school of "get more bees with honey than vinegar". Disgusting sales practice and approach. Rude on the phones. Supervisors sound as if they don't care if their sales guys are rude or not. Have the feeling of "don't care what you do to get the calls but get them in". Really pathetic they way they treat the EA's but expect an actual referral. Company is now under Aegis Capital. Please be warned of their practices. Caller: (516) 221-660 Call Type: Telemarketer
516-513-1870 mark
dont you guys get it? its a scam, not a telemarketer, they want your private information. its called identity theft!!!!
516-513-1870 Marvinm
Received a call from this number and was told my a pre-recorded message that I qualified for a loan. At that point I hung up, called back am immedately got a busy signal. This was the second I have received a call from this number. Over a year ago I opted out from these kinds of calls, so i don't know why I am still getting them.
516-513-1870 gfhq94a
When I arrived home from work to find part of a prerecorded message on my answering machine about refinancing my mortgage. The ironic thing is, I don't own a home and I certainly do not have a mortgage.
516-513-1759 optical clinic
Get constant calls with no one on the line.  4 times so far today.
516-513-1759 ray
i keep gettin calls from this number. We are an optical store, so the previous post about it being 20/20 magazine is probably correct. Too much of a coincedence
516-513-1759 reminder
From AT&T Cell Phone (Omnipoint is AT&T)http://www.fonefinder.net/
516-513-1759 katrina
I get 20/20 magazine although I have never subscribed to it.  I am not an OD or an Optition. I am a CPO working for an OD.  I googled my personal tel# and found it listed as a practicing optition at my home address.  I am not.  Very frustrating where all this false information comes from.
516-513-1759 OD
yes...and I don't know how they got my cell number as i NEVER give it out!
516-513-1759 Beth
Finally answered a call from this number, the lady on the other end wanted to know if I wanted to continue my subscription to 20/20 magazine.  Anyone else here an OD?
516-513-1759 ms
unwanted calls repeatedly for days and hours to my cell phone
516-513-1759 Melissa
Constant calls ringing at the same time on 3 lines and hanging up.
516-513-1759 Jack
Found out this number is a marketing company that gathers information for there clients to fullfill subscription information.
516-513-1759 GAIL
516-513-1759 tom
calls on my cell phone and no one is on the line. several times a day.
516-513-1759 hari
i too have gotten calls from this number inlcuding weekends. i'm in texas. It comes up Audit&Surv and there is never anyone there when I answer and I have tried to call the number back and no one every answers. VERY ANNOYING
516-513-1759 basketlady
Thought I'd shed some light on this phone number. I've just called them and eventually they answered "Fancy Foods and Culinary" which I recognized that this is a free magazine that I receive in my gift basket business. So although it does show up as Audit&Surv on the caller id, they also call for this magazine. So it "MAY" be legit. They just wanted to know if I wanted to continue the free subscription.
516-513-1759 hari
i too have gotten calls from this number inlcuding weekends. i'm in texas. It comes up Audit&Surv and there is never anyone there when I answer and I have tried to call the number back and no one every answers. VERY ANNOYING
516-513-1759 Beth
I've gotten three calls a day from this number for the psst three days, usually in the afternoon.
516-513-1759 lamet
report them to the NY Attorney General
516-513-1759 Linda
Josh Sapodin Atty At Law 333 Jericho TpkeJericho, NY 11753 (516) 513-1759This is the person attached to this phone number according to White Pages.com.  They call and then hangs up when I answer.
516-513-1759 Jim
It's from Inbound Logistics Magazine
516-513-1759 jack
call comes every morning at same time
516-513-0979 Cierra
I have no idea who this is.
516-513-0797 Rosie
Called, unknown number
516-513-0347 Ledda
What's up with this guy calling twice a day. Even though i told him that im not interested he keeps calling every day specially when my daughter is taking her nap.

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