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514 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 514 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 514 Series

514-224-5337 Anonymous
2018-04-05 03:42:03
514-220-1355 tony
2016-04-09 02:42:30
Mrs Galasso is a general contracture he did work for me actually he rebuilt my house and built my daughters house to very honest and is work and ideas are great very happy whit is work and price I'm sorry Somme people talk that way about you yours friends and client Tony
514-627-2459 rob
Want to know who it is.
514-626-9770 Rene
When the machine picked up caller hung up.
514-626-3796 ejc
514-626-3796 ejc
to have my number removed
514-626-3796 ejc
to have my numbers removed
514-625-9425 Robert
Called, unknown number
514-625-8165 Patty
Please forgive me...  I typed in the wrong contact number!  Here is the correct one:Canadian Marketing Scam1-888-495-8501Please report any scams to this CORRECTED NUMBER!  Together we can protect our loved ones...Thank You!
514-625-8165 Patty
What states or countries are you in?  Ours happened in California.Here is the number to report this scam:Canadian Marketing Scam1-514-625-8165Please report this scam so it can be STOPPED.  This is so unfair to our beloved elders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks...
514-625-8165 Grandma
We just had the same thing happen.Thanks for the post.
514-625-8165 Jim Abraham
What state do u live in whok called you
514-625-8165 andy
saying a family member was arrested in canada and wanting to post bail this is a scam
514-625-7003 SPS
there r 2 more no: related to same threft 5146257003 and 5199910253. i was surprised to hear that two ladies both named with the same name and were arguing they were the original person talked to me and assured they would remove the freeze. we should do something to prevent this. the hardship and money that we earn are robbed by such checque threfts.
514-625-6971 molly
514-625-6964 Carmen
I didn't pick up
514-625-6561 lisa
this number was given to us after they said my grandson was in jail in peru and before he could see the judge we had to wire 3500.00 dollars, my grandson was not in peru he was eating lunch at work in the united states.
514-625-6456 Scammed
Similar call to 84 year old victim in Western NY, money sent to England.  Be sure to contact you local police department regarding this scam.
514-625-6456 Cheryl
Phone number was 514-649-0417, And unfortunately our story ending is not a positive. My mother of 77 yrs got a call saying it was her grandson. He was in need of bail money, and then lawyer money. She was told he was arrested because his friend had drugs on him. The phone call started like this . "Hi Grandma, do you know who this is?" My mother said her grandsons name and it took off from there. The person posing as my nephew told my mother that he could trust her not to tell the family. All other conversations then proceeded with a "Sgt.Brauer" from the police dept. She spoke with him several times and sent 4 transactions for a total of $11,733.50 from both Western Union and MoneyGram on Sept 10th and 11th. Only one God sent was that she forgot to put the address 120 Carson Ave on the last MoneyGram she sent out. We were able to retrieve $2932 back.
514-625-6456 cheryl
A man called and said "Hi, Grandma."  As my nephew and my parents' only grandson was killed in a plane crash, I assumed that it must be my niece's boyfriend.  He stated that he was in Canada with two friends and had been stopped by the police and put in jail as one of his friends had drugs on him.  He stated that he needed money for bail or he would be kept in jail for two months.  The man who claimed to be the police instructed us to send just under 6000 dollars to a Kenneth Haven, 120 Carson Ave in London, U.K.  As in the previous comment, he told us to tell no one.  He told us to go to our local Von's store to wire him just under 3000 dollars (3000 dollars is the maximum allowed by Western Union) and he told us how much the fee would be.  He next told us to go to our local Stater Bros. store to send a money gram for a similar amount.  He also knew the fee for that transaction.  Although we were suspicious, my dad took out nearly 6000 dollars from his bank and proceeded to send the first amount via Western Union.  We then drove to Stater Bros. to send the remaining amount.  While speaking with the representative from the Moneygram company, we learned that this was a common scam.  We rushed back to Von's and were able to recover the money.  The money had arrived but luckily it hadn't been picked up.  We finally got in touch with our niece/grandaughter and discovered that her boyfriend was at home and not in Canada and that this was indeed a scam.  She 'Googled' this area code and discovered that it is in Montreal, Canada.  My father is 87 and not well.  He certainly did not need this.  Although we went to the police, they said that there was nothing they could do.
514-625-6456 C
514-625-6456An individual called my grandmother and claimed that I had been kidnapped - the only way I would be released is if my grandmother sent 3000 dollars in the form of a money order to montreal.  They threatened her and said that if she told anyone they would hurt me and I would never be released.  She's 84 years old and doesn't understand what is going on.  She almost sent the money but fortunately I spoke to her before she could do so.
514-625-5392 Jess M.
BBB reports that the number is connected to an advance fee loan scam or check scam. Here is the link http://chicago.bbb.org/article/7702 The number is at the bottom. Look under "Phone Numbers allegedly associated with the above names:"
514-625-5387 Jess M.
BBB reports that the number is connected to an advance fee loan scam or check scam. Here is the link http://chicago.bbb.org/article/7702 The number is at the bottom. Look under "Phone Numbers allegedly associated with the above names:"
514-625-5383 rhsb
i got a cal from this number wanting information on my accounts.  name of person call was michael anderson for a john brooks
514-625-5272 Michele
I received a call from this number on my landline phone.
514-625-3949 recieved a letter too
I recieved a letter with a chceck that was no good. The company keeps being aloof aboutt he whole thing and asking me to keep calling back, they aren't sure why the check didnt clear. I believe these people are the same. The one I recievied was from East Coast financial services and consultants.
514-625-3949 sea
Bank scammers using fraudulent checks.
514-625-3919 Jay F
The same thing is happening to us.  We deposited the check, it cleared, and now our bank is telling us it was a counterfeit check.  Don't do it.
514-625-3919 AmyMG
This company sent me a check in the amount of 3992.00 to do mystery shopping. Out of that amount 550.00 of it was mine to do the assignments. Seemed ligit. Check looked real and all. I deposited the check. A day or so later my bank tells me its a counterfit check and now all MY funds that I had before the deposit are on hold due to this counterfit check!!!  Do not deposit a check from MARSHALL E CAMPBELL CORP for marketing research. Its a scam!!! I contacted the actual Marshall E Campbell company and they are a electrical equipment distrubitor. They are aware of this going on and are taking action!!
514-625-3824 CF
Asked to call this number to report a fraud

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