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512 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 512 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 512 Series

512-121-2121 Anonymous
2017-10-16 20:00:03
Calls me every day but I don't answer. Call back and 8ts not an active number.
512-551-4480 NB
2015-05-14 01:09:34
Claimed a fed judge or grand jury was coming after me for a federal criminal offense and he'd help me. So absurd. Obviously I didn't call back.
512-588-8013 Bryan
it is Academic Degrees.com
512-588-7845 san antoniotx
called us today and hung up called back and got the vm stating "...the person at extention...."
512-588-7845 anthony
called my house and was very polite!!!! was a male voice but wanted to speak with my wife
512-588-7845 kb
getting calls from this number asking for my wife, looks like it's state trooper  donations.
512-588-7845 RENO
512-588-7845 josibog
Getting calls from this number with no one on the otehr line. :|
512-588-7845 ben
They said they were from the State Troopers Association soliciting donations or pledges.
512-588-7845 Sue
did not answer and they did not leave a message
512-588-7845 bwdhutf
that number called me like 2 minutes ago..
512-588-7845 bellmar21
This number called about 1145 a.m.  It was a male who asked for my wife.  When I asked to take a message, he said "I'll call back later" and hung up when I started questioning him.
512-588-7845 Tired
Tired home from a long day and home now to be receiving call after call from this number.  Nobody on the other end of the line when I answer. 512-588-7645
512-588-7845 DB
Got a call from this number. I usually pick up and then hang up immediately since it was not a number i recognized. When will these idiots stop
512-588-7845 Jesse
8/21/2009 8:48 PM, received call, rang three times.  Tried to call back since I live in Texas, did not ring, went to a voicemail service which started with "the person at extension..."
512-588-7845 Victor
Just got a call Aug 24,2009 at 3:43 pm from 512 588 7845 from Austin, TX. Since I do not answer unrecognized phone let it ring. Left no messagePhone id says Unknown Name 512-588-7845.  Must be soliciting for something.
512-588-7845 Matt H
Received call on 8/21/09 at 6:44PM. No message left.
512-588-7845 BB
Beware of "emergency" #'s. Someone called claiming they had been taken in by the police and had only one call so they called my # and asked me to call their home to let them know where they were because they had their 4yr. old kid in the car and needed their wife to come and pick up the kid. They gave me a number to call and when I did I unknowingly transferred my phone to their number. I didn'tunderstand why my phone would only ring 1 time and then nothing for a couple of days until I called the phone co. and asked. I was trying to help out someone and of course they were only a preditor trying to steal my phone service. Just BEWARE of the jerks out there.
512-588-7845 zig zag
999-911-9999 is a county emergency number, you should answer your phone if that number calls again.
512-588-7845 Tim
That number just called me too.  I didn't answer and it stopped after about 3 rings.  Right afterwards I got a call from 999-911-9999 which also only rang about 3 times.
512-588-7845 Steve
Just got a call from this number.
512-588-7845 cristie
I spoke with a gentleman and he said he was raising donations for local law enoforcement.  i declined, he thanked me for my time
512-588-7845 Brian
I got a call from the same number 2 hours after you did. Do you know who it is?
512-588-7815 LAMET
CELL PHONE OUT OF BURNET, TX. You can get more detailed info from intelius if you are willing to pay for it
512-588-7485 TuggleBear
random caller
512-588-7163 DEAJ
im getting sick and tired of these stupid phone calls.... This is all a scam. they call you saying that you took out a loan and gave false information and never payed back. then they say u have criminal charges, they pretty much harrass you with these calls. then they tell you are looking at maximum time in prison for not paying. they ask u to settle with them outside of court. but here is the thing, they arents whilling to send you any proof. SCAM!!! and then they cant even confirm the loan amount or the exact date. SCAM!!! soo, i have been ignoring their calls.. I get 18 to 22 calls daily from this number and other more such as 646-499-6032  206-260-3563  205-417-2415  646-596-3424  646-499-6031  646-5492748  646-542-1484  512-588-7163  209-396-6904 914-373-7033  646-499-6029  804-235-0976  904-596-3002. So if you get calls from any of these numbers DONT FAL FOR IT, ITS A SCAM!! LET THEM KNOW YOU HAVE CONTACTED THE FBI, THEY HANGUP!
512-588-7163 dd
same thing, crooks
512-588-7163 nikki
I got the same call.I couldnt understand the guy .I reported him to my local police department and my attorney
512-588-7163 enough of this mess
We received this call today, asking for a former employer, They said they were from the Attorney General's office in NY and needed to speak to her right away.  His name was Ricky Smith.  I told him that I would call him back and he said that I must call him back.This employee use to work for us and she said she applied for a Payday Loan months ago and they have been harrassing her and taking money out of her account.  It is a big scam!
512-588-7163 vee
04-11-11: got a call from a man with strong indian accent said name was officer Martin' call was a bad connection. says that my social security number has been reported and a charge is filed against me and that i need to call back as soon as possible.

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