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Looked Number: 5062204560 | Area Code : 506 | Country : Canada | Record Unknown Customer


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New Brunswick
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User Comments for 5062204560

Claim they have been calling about my credit cards. I hung up.Its a SCAM

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Did not pick up but from Canada
They been calling so much I fineally answered some female on the other end actually said my name!! I called it back to find out the number is not assigned and is from canada! If the U.S. can track cell wired calls and e-mails for key words why cant thy stop this person!!!!!!!! why is Canada allowing it???
PO'd in NY
This company started out as an automobile warranty company SCAM in Florida, now thru modern tech, they have thier calls diverted thru Canada to try to avoid the Federal DNC laws. They now are a Credit card/financial services company offering to lower your intrest rate on your credit cards. DO NOT give them any information @ your credit cards!!! They are trying to scam you for that infor!!!! It always starts with some type of dire warning in a recorded message. All you have to do is press one to talk to one of thier agents. WARNING if you press one and talk to one of thier SCAMMERS they will continue to hound you day and night.
Hung up (as usual) when answering maching came on.  Caller ID said "Neguac NB".  These criminals are like cockroaches -- you can't get rid of them.  This is the second call I had today with same garbage from 2 different numbers in New Brunswick....

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