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506 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 506 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 506 Series

506-225-0486 Sandeman
No name, never a message.  I called back to see what the deal was and the operator message told me the number was unnassigned.
506-225-0486 Roger Carter
Recieved this caller id on my phone. No message and is really pissing me off. Tried to call it back but no response.
506-225-0486 SFD
calls often, no message.  usually says +50622504865
506-225-0455 wolfe
interestingly enough this number comes out as 50622504555 an extra 5 at the end. i guess they figured another way to beat the system. lets see how long before this loop closes. i am registered with the do not call list. and this is about credit card intrest rates (specifically my credit cards) but they have no clue what card we are speaking about.
506-225-0445 J
Found that same number on my husbands phone on Dec.1st.
506-225-0418 Philip
called but left no message
506-225-0360 Virginia
I have no idea who this is.
506-225-0360 alabama
506-225-0357 Missy
hang up
506-225-0334 Joyce
No response.
506-225-0255 Sydney
Received a call.
506-225-0214 cee
I wish these people die from the worst cancer!
506-225-0214 debra
This is the second time I've received a call from this number. However, the caller never leaves a message. All I know is that I don't know anybody in Canada.
506-225-0214 Jane
I got the same number 506-225-02147 about a credit card lower intrest, looked up and its a cell phone number and won't go through, looked up area code it's in New Brunswick
506-225-0214 JOHNSON
received phone call from 506-225-02147!!!!!!!!! as shown on cell.  recorded message about "my credit".  connection not good.
506-225-0191 Mark
Who is this from?
506-225-0152 wyley
This call was from a lady named Mary Roberts for Sattellite TV.  It was a recording.  My number is on the do not call registry, so I don't see how they are allowed to call.  The number came up with an extra digit on the end, so I can't call back or search the number.  It came up as 50622501524.  This is so annoying!!!
506-225-0134 tas
got a call from this number a few days ago.
506-225-0134 Ann
missed call.  Have another call from new brunswick with a 227 prefix that is a loan company.  Is that the same story with this number?
506-225-0118 TM
I am posting here the following post from another web site in hope that people will contact this police chief who is willing and able to strike a blow against these criminal telemarketers.Fayette Police Dept., Iowa - 12 Apr 2008I am the Chief of Police in Fayette, Iowa and have received calls from this number. I am willing to pursue criminal charges, but am appealing to those who have been called to forward any information on this number to me. These types of fraudulent companies need to be removed from our society.My email address is fayettepolice@mchsi.com
506-225-0118 TM
They are illegally placing spoofed, not real, numbers on you Caller ID.People, if you've receive calls from these criminals offering to "lower your credit card interest rates", keep accurate records (go to www.heatherwithaccountservices.com for an easy-to-fill-out form) because when these scumbags are brought to justice in the courts (which will happen sooner then these idiots think), there is possibly $$money$$ in it for you for each of their documented violations against you (which, with each illegal call to your land line and/or cellphone, they pester you with, there are several distinct possible violations of the US TCPA).Their main scam is trying to trick you into providing credit card info so they can quickly post over $900 (or more) in "service" fees to your account. Their blatant and long-running (over one year and counting) multiple violations of the US TCPA are an entirely different matter.Using an autodialer to blindly call land lines and cell phones repeatedly, even who are listed on the DNC list, placing fake Caller ID names and numbers on victim's phones, leaving unsolicited recorder messages for unsolicited services, having telemarketers give misleading and inaccurate information to callers (such as lying about the name, address and business affiliation - i.e, "We are affiliated with XXXX credit card company or XXXX bank") and refusing (more often than not, abusively and obscenely) to provide accurate information (see the above) and/or to remove a person's number from their auto-dialing list - all serious violations of the US TCPA .Again, go to www.heatherwithaccountservices.com to get information on who these people are and how to report them using this real info instead of what they fake on your Caller ID.
506-225-0118 Ron
Got a call from 506-225-01186 on May 27 @ 12:14pm CST.  I did not answer and no message left. This is a great site.  I also googled the 506 area code and this popped up.
506-225-0118 Jim
Called 5:45pm EDT 27-May-2008
506-225-0113 Mr. Angry
I receive calls every week to my cell phone from these scammers...all claiming that it's my last chance to lower my credit card interest rates.  I don't even have a balance on a card..so I knew it was a scam the first time and then this website just confirms it.The last number that called me was 506-224-10752The only way to really deal with criminals like this is with physical violence.  It's the only thing that gets through to them.
506-225-0113 Howie
I get these calls too - a few times a week.  Same thing.  I asked the guy on the line who he was with and how they got my number and he hung up.  It just called me back again today.I called AT&T wireless (my cell phone provider) and they said the number is Costa Rican.
506-225-0113 mr.b
they wanted all my private informationthe total number was 506 225 01133
506-225-0113 Mr B
Getting calls weekly from this and related numbers.   All have one extra digit on the end, usually a 3.  All seem to be credit card phishing attempts.
506-225-0106 Calls Calls Calls
Irritating autodialer when I got a human he stated it was "Card Services" when I asked for what company he stated "Master Card or VISA your choice". When I asked exactly what company he disconnected the call. The return number call got a busy signal. It was likely a cold call.
506-225-0073 Ellen
Got calls from the number.
506-225-0022 Raymond
Wanted to know who owns this number.

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