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425 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 425 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 425 Series

425-507-0431 JT
2016-03-16 20:39:36
I kept getting this call from the same # sounds like a man from India, I told them to stop calling me and he hung up, I got the call again a few days later so I started calling the # back and started telling them that I was coming for them and to watch out, he started cursing at me every time I called and I guess they got tired of me calling them back they are not calling anymore. two can play the game.
425-507-0431 Bruce
2016-03-15 21:06:42
I got a call from this number, it was an automated message that tried telling me that I had committed tax fraud. I called them back and when they answered I could hear them whispering. I could not make out what they were saying but it seemed like they were trying to figure out what the automated call had said what they were because all of a sudden in a thick Indian accent. He said he was an officer with the IRS. I told them that they needed to stop calling me and that I know this is a scam. I have not received another call from them.
425-216-1639 Joe Bono
2015-05-22 20:22:36
A lady, heavy Indian accent, said she was from TekSystems. She had some knowledge about my professional career. Asked weird questions, like "what is the name of the company you are working for now?". Looks like a trainee making cold calls. If this is really TekSystems, this is very unprofessional from them.
425-513-0800 theresa
It is a generic number that shows up on caller ID if anybody calls from WA State government office. In my case, it was from the GET program calling me back.
425-513-0800 night shift
I sleep late and this phone calls 2 times woke me up at 10 am. female voice speaks spanish. I am annoyed becaue it woke me up, told her I am sleeping. she said "she understand but he will lose benefits and end up paying money"
425-513-0800 Kait
I got a call from the 424-513-0800 and thought it was my Bf in Inpatient got all excited and can't call it back...WTF???
425-513-0800 Sprite
Same number called me yet it was from Bellevue College. Odd?
425-513-0800 frank
It seems to be a generic number from the seattle courthouse Anyone that has an office in the courthouse can call out from this line. That's also why we can't call it back.
425-513-0800 frank
It seems to be a generic number from the seattle courthouse. Anyone that has an office in the courthouse can call out from this line. That's also why can't call ot back.
425-513-0800 frank
It seems to be a generic number from the seattle courthouse. Anyone that has an office in the courthouse can call out from this line. That's also why can't call ot back.
425-513-0800 chc pharmacy
I have this phone number 1-425-513-0800. The person keeps calling our number nonstop, and intefere our business. Please help us to stop this from occurence
425-513-0800 Justwant peace
I keep getting calls from this number and other numbers as well. I am frustrated as hell because like other people I return the calls and never get anyone online.  425 513-08001-866-657-4831360-902-9770.  Is this some kind of scam?  When I call the numbers the messate comes up as Employee Security Collection Office. Also Benefits Payment Collection.I do not owe anyone anything.
425-513-0800 geno
This call seems to come state of washington run places. I got one call from department of labor and industries from this number, and another from office of support enforcement another time.
425-513-0800 Jeff
Just got a call from this number today for the first time - thanks to all who posted their experiences/info.  Like everyone else, when I attempted to call back the call does not go through.  I live in WA state, so I am interested in who this is and will do some research.
425-513-0800 kim
same as all the rest, missed call from that number, upon trying to call back, it said disconnected no longer in service
425-513-0800 amy
I have gotten calls from this number on several occasions....it is very frustrating. I supposedly has been disconnected, but a week or two later I will get another call from that number.
425-513-0800 joeroket
It is the generic outbound phone number for the state of Washington. This is the number that the Attorney Generals Office came through from when I was dealing with problems in the prison systems visitor requirements.
425-513-0800 beancounter
It is the WA state Department of Revenue looking for Excise tax returns.
425-513-0800 Confuzzled
They tried calling me today, no message.  What on Earth?
425-513-0800 pissed
looked up on intellus and it says PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP1 Results found for (425) 513-0800.    NAME    ADDRESS    OTHER INFO1    SOW-DIS-TSDBackground Report    WA     PHONE TYPE:     Land LineCARRIER:     Verizon Northwest Inc.-waTIME ZONE:     5:17 PM PSTCOUNTY:     SNOHOMISHAVERAGE INCOME:     $55,952AVERAGE HOME VALUE:     $197,600
425-513-0800 SVC
425-513-0800 SRS
All of you are partly right in where this number is coming from. It comes up as SOW-DIS-TSD on the caller ID. I have actually talked to the person who calls me from this number. It happens to be my daughters college and I can tell you this is it a generic number that is assigned to SOW (Sate of Washington) so that government agencies can call you without long distance charges, no matter where they are located in Washington State.
425-513-0800 seabear
skagit county detox center
425-513-0366 Pam
it was a call to my cell phone.
425-512-9992 sara
I ignored it almost immediately but received 2 more calls right after, no message was left
425-512-9810 Lynda
Called @ 6:01pm on my cell.  "Unavailable".  A Saturday evening on my cell and no answer. Actually, sounded like I was being called from someone's pocket.  Just curious to know where this came from. Does signing up for these DO NOT CALL lists do any good at all?
425-512-8072 JB
I've been getting the same message. I finally called back and they are a processing service for bills. The only reason she needed to get a hold of me is because my card expired.
425-512-8072 AW
"Lisa" left me a message and all she said was I needed to call her back at 425-512-8072.No reason or company name left.
425-512-8072 NS
A lady calling herself Christa Upton left me 3 messages to call her back regarding a "personal business matter."  I called her back, and she claimed she worked for a legal firm, and wanted to see if I wanted to settle a legal claim, siting an address that I'd never heard of, a name of someone filing the claim that I'd never heard "Misty", and in a town I've never been to.  The amount they wanted was over $4,000.  When I told her that I didn't know anyone by that name, she was theatrical, and said "that darned collection agency giving me the wrong information, let's just forget this whole matter."
425-512-3571 Bria
When I answer, they hang up.

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