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Looked Number: 4193542591 | Area Code : 419 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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repeated calls on caller I.D.

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I also got a note on my door from nuhomeowner.com GeoTrek when I moved into my home in Richardson TX. When I called to check on it they wouldn't tell me what it was about and kept asking me for personal information. Soon after I started receiving telemarketing calls on the phone I called them with. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER ON THE GeoTrek TICKET.
Thanks for te article Ginger!http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2012/12/19/cbs-11-inv ... -what-it-seems/
Look, would you stop?  No one is buying that you are who you say you are.  You are pretending to be this woman and you tell us to look at the website that you got her info from when you insist you are legitimate.  Hey, I work for these people, wouldn't I just be so valuable to your story?
Gerald Childs
I live in Burleson, Tx. and yesterday a guy came to my front door, didn't ring the door bell or knock, just stuck the notice on the door and hurried away in a small black car. If he comes back today I will get his licsense plate number. gchilds60@yahoo.com
Sorry but marketing is not a crime people. I do not understand how this is all getting so out of control. I moved to FW and bought a new home and started my company and I had to market and guess what I did we printed up flyers to have people call in and we pushed products to them. It is great business is booming and people want products they just have to be talked into it. This is also a good thing for the economy as well to build revenue . HO
I got one of those cards yesterday. I called the fort worth number and chewed the girl out.. I have a no soliciting sign on my front door. I guess now I'll get phone calls...damn. why cant we gather up all the crooks and throw em in a bottomless pit?  That would probably be half of the world population. I'm not sure if I should give you an e-mail address. You might be a crook too
That is a friggin lie if I ever heard one.
You need to call the police!! Sounds like he was "casing" you're house---be careful!!

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