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Looked Number: 4193521051 | Area Code : 419 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Hey Fran, any relation to Lorraine Pruitt who works at CVCC?

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Fran Pruitt, Columbus OH
I googled 419-352-1051.  Here is the result.Phonebook results for 419-352-1051 Larry K Ferguson   (419) 352-1051   340 Meeker St,  Bowling Green, OH 43402   Map M Thomas   (419) 352-1051   Bowling Green, OH 43402 Have at it, y'all. I've been getting these calls, too.
Received call. Did not recognize number so did not answer. No voice mail left.  Googled number and very surprised to find this!
They keep calling me over and over.These car warranty companies are shady because there is no one to police the insurance policy they sell you, don't buy into this scam.These companies get your money and then change their name
Office Manager
Caller hung up when I answered.  Before I answered I assumed it was a soliciation call because of the caller id info.  Since we are a local utility providor, most of the time I do not answer calls from numbers / parties outside of our service area.  If it is important, the caller can leave a voice mail message in our mailbox.  Thank you whoever it is that invented Caller ID!
i received a phone call from 419-352-1051 stating my car warranty expired. what a BS. who could be doing this? i know spoofing is piece of cake technology nowadays. but should someone stop this scam bags. these pigs are going to be in HELL for ever and i wish them nothing but HELL fire.google gives this folks when i searched for the number.Larry K Ferguson(419) 352-1051    340 Meeker St,Bowling Green, OH 43402    M Thomas    (419) 352-1051    Bowling Green, OH 43402

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