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419 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 419 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 419 Series

419-359-3709 CONCERNED
Please take the time to READ some of the posting here & in the forum. Do you owe money that is in collection? Probably not. Ask for proof of debt by mail. DO NOT give them your address. A real debt collector would have it. If they won't send it, don't lose any sleep over this. Also, real debt collectors are not allowed to scream at you. It's against the law, & real debt collectors know it.
419-359-3709 Badge714
419-359-3709 CONCERNED
First of all, they called me at 7 o clock in the morning and woke up my child. The lady on my VM didnot state what company she was from, but that I was named in an existing lawsuit.This was news to me, so I called them back after settling things around the house and I was immediately transferred to a "supervisor" who explained to me that they were going to file 3 felony charges against me if I didnt pay settle with them. I laughed and asked her if she was the Riverside DA, and she promptly began calling me a thief then hung up on me. I can't believe that tactics these people will take to get a dime out of you!
419-359-3709 SB
Got a couple of VMs from them saying "Fraud Investigation Division" but never any company name, and claiming a suit will be filed against me if I don't contact.  Today when they called I actually answered and spoke with a very brusk man who tried to avoid my questions of who they were.  He finally said it was a law firm in Toledo, OH named Coggins & Powers (can't find that on the web).  Of course it's some old payday loan that my ex husband had taken out and I told the guy I wanted the name of his "client" and his bar number, the number of the case and what court it is being filed in... he started talking in circles about fraud and stealing money from a financial institute.   Interestingly he mentioned something about the debt being under $300.  I finally told him that he needs to send me something in writing and to cease calling me and then I hung up.  He had the nerve to then call my work number and was put through to my VM there.  Idiots.  Nothing more then another collection agency trying to collect on charged off debts.
419-359-3709 Jenny
Johnson & Johnson, eh?They need some extra strength Band-Aids over their mouths.
419-359-3709 Yo-Yo
These poeple called my WIFE!  I think they do it on purpose!!!  We have personally  dealt with collection companies before, but THIS takes the cake.They claimed they were with a collection company called 'Johnson and Johnson'.  Claimed check from (from a payday loan back a few years ago).  They cannot be found online, they don't have a website. They threatened the wife they would come to her work and arrest her for fraud.  They had her on security camera going into the business. LOL.Then, she brings me into the call, and the lady asks for my name.  I tell them my first and then ask for the company name.  She does not say it...  I ask for further info, and she puts her supervisor on the call. He then proceeds to immediately get nasty.  I said I want to know who the company is I am dealing with. He immediately gets nasty, claims that we are commiting fraud.  I tell him that I do know my rights and he immediately takes offense and raises his voice about 'you know the law?!?!?'  I then tell my wife to end the call... they tell her they are claiming this with the county - filing fraud, blah blah blah.  They then threaten her with more illegal tactics.  It was fun.  If I wasn't in a better spot I would have had some fun with them. They told my wife, if we paid them today to settle and then found out we already cleared the debt back a few years.  That they would then reimburse us.  WTF?!  I trust YOU?!  Seriously?  The guy asks my wife, or says... "I bet your in the same city you STOLE the money from?" LOL.  These people are works of art.Good luck if anyone else calls them. haha.  My guess IF they are even legit... is they bought a debt for pennies on the dollar with nothing else except whats in the file...  and then are trying to collect, and threaten people. We cleared up our debts from way back.  I don't trust them AT ALL.  Watch them!!!  Done business with MANY collection companies but this one is borderline pathetic...I tell ya what, file with the county.  Lets see what happens, cause I got myself one HELL of a case. hahaha.Oh, btw... during the call, after MANY min. already talking to them, they THEN say its being recorded. LOL.  I am PRETTY sure there is a law that says you need to tell someone BEFORE they are recorded.  Anyways.  hahahaha - can't stop laughing.  I feel bad for those who don't know better.  CROOKS!
419-359-3709 From Oregon
I recieved a call from this number, and the message was a person by the name of Elizabeth who claims there is a pending 'fraud' case, using my wifes name, referencing an ID # which she could not  pronouce and had to repeat a few times.  I also heard in the background of this VM, what sounded like a large call center.  I have dealt with collection companies before but this sounds VERY abnormal.  I have heard of some fake companies going around lately trying to extort funds.  Not to mention, I have never dealt with one that would leave a message automatically saying 'fraud' as they don't even know if this is the right number or not.Don't trust... personally.
419-359-0797 mserrano
Same here and they still keep calling.  its getting old. they want something like $94 for what ever it is
419-359-0797 Elyse Myers
419-359-0797 YoYo-Pete
Missed call... called back.  The person answering said they represent many business and has no idea which business would have had the call routed to me.  she said she could look me up by number (which I gave as it's google, so I can mark things as spam calls).  She could find no record of the call.In discussion she answers phones for many companies.  How many I asked as I could identify by name, 5, 10 companies... long pause....  well over 10 companies was the reply.She said it was probably from something I did on-line and they were calling for that.   I asked if it was important and she (reluctantly) told me probably not (meaning no).I dont know of a legitimate business that would obfuscate their number through a calling service to send out un-identified numbers that could be a number of businesses generating the call.  Sounds like spam/marketing/phishing.    99% sure that this is a call you want to avoid.
419-359-0797 Marie
Received a phone call from this number, they were with Smart Shopper Savings.  I immediately hung up.
419-359-0296 Fred
We keep getting calls from this number. They never leave a message. We don't answer calls from unknown numbers. They finally pissed me off and I'm blocking the number.
419-359-0102 Kimberly
Received a text message in the morning saying Dear Customer, Your account was credited successfully, please visit http://a.habbosi.comNot sure who this is or if there will be a virus or scam when i get there.
419-357-4583 Jeff
just called me.
419-357-2709 Billy
Call was made and kids were laughing in the background immaturely
419-357-2219 Jim
I want the number for Custom Deck & Porch LLC in Sandusky Oh. Is this the one?
419-357-0248 Ray
This number has called my home several times.
419-356-6700 Barron haig
I made the call based on a resume that was submitted.   Id be happy to talk about the position if you would call back.
419-356-6700 Jay
Received a request on my email to submit my resume to this gentelmanAnd that he had a job for me. His name is Barron Haig
419-355-9610 Lisa
Leads back to: Mary Ann & Timothy Reser2119 Martin AveBallville Township, OH 43420
419-355-9610 DD
2 calls, no message left, both calls 1 minute apart
419-354-2591 Rob
repeated calls on caller I.D.
419-353-4994 Ben
Keeps calling my number.
419-352-9551 Matt
Calls multiple times per day.
419-352-1121 Tessa
Got a call on my cell.
419-352-1051 Paul
Hey Fran, any relation to Lorraine Pruitt who works at CVCC?
419-352-1051 Fran Pruitt, Columbus OH
I googled 419-352-1051.  Here is the result.Phonebook results for 419-352-1051 Larry K Ferguson   (419) 352-1051   340 Meeker St,  Bowling Green, OH 43402   Map M Thomas   (419) 352-1051   Bowling Green, OH 43402 Have at it, y'all. I've been getting these calls, too.
419-352-1051 RH
Received call. Did not recognize number so did not answer. No voice mail left.  Googled number and very surprised to find this!
419-352-1051 Steve
They keep calling me over and over.These car warranty companies are shady because there is no one to police the insurance policy they sell you, don't buy into this scam.These companies get your money and then change their name
419-352-1051 Office Manager
Caller hung up when I answered.  Before I answered I assumed it was a soliciation call because of the caller id info.  Since we are a local utility providor, most of the time I do not answer calls from numbers / parties outside of our service area.  If it is important, the caller can leave a voice mail message in our mailbox.  Thank you whoever it is that invented Caller ID!

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