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Looked Number: 4121778600 | Area Code : 412 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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brian madigan

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JUST got a call from this number.  These calls are scam calls.  This is the 9TH different number I've gotten from this group and the 12th call about the spiel for changing electric providers.  The prefix "177" comes up as invalid so the number can't be traced.  And except for a call from an 866 toll free area code, they are all the 412 area code.I will be reporting this to DNC and also to the PA Attorney General's office.  Anyone else getting this should also let Harrisburg know, too.
I get these calls almost daily too. All from the 412 area, different number each time too. Very annoying. I never pick them up, they don't leave a message.
Jose Emanious
I have received a call today. And I get them on my wireless and landline one after another. The number changes daily.
keep getting these calls, name unavailable.  Won't leave a message, keeps on calling
Keeps calling. Who is it?
Anony Mouse
Called it back and got "This is not a valid number" before it hung up.
This number keeps calling me and not leaving messages
michele smith
this number keeps calling and leaves no message
Guy called saying he was from "Mid States Industrial" in Colorado.  Tried to sell me tools, wouldn't take no for an answer so I hung up.  Checked up on the number and found it isn't in Colorado, wonder if it's fake.  I'm on the do not call list, doesn't seem to stop these guys.  Same company calls a couple times a year,  but the phone number is different every time.
After telling him I was on the do not call list and politely hung up. He called back to inform me that there was no such thing from business to business. So I informed him that this was a private number and it was listed on the do not call list and if he called back I would report him. I was called back yet another time to inform me that His number could not be traced and if I tried to call it  I would just get a recording. etc. this time I just hung up. He thin insisted on calling until I set up the call block on my phone. Who ever he was I know only that he was trying to sell tools.

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