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Looked Number: 4078957100 | Area Code : 407 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Correction , phone call was received from Lisa  at 407 895 7100

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BEWARE-These are professional scammers! I don't owe anything, and my credit score is over 850.... I intentionally returned the call after work hours ,asked Lisa  to call me back (I used a  fake name and asked her to call me back at the number I provided which was the local FBI office....). I left another message for her playing : Mary had a little lamb".Aw, she has not called me back, I am so sad.By Law, debt collection agencies CANNOT call indivduals for debt collection. They can only call companies!!!
P****off woman
my husband got this call and the woman call herself Sara Miller , wouldn't say  why she called or for what reason. Its kind of obvious you wouldnt call anyone back if they dont state their business
I just received a call from this number and the woman I was talking to would not identify herself or tell me what the call was in regards to.  She was very rude and told me not to mess around with her because she was calling long distance from Orlando.
Lisa bell left a voice mail on my cell and i just read all the post about this and it might be about my old apt i lived in and i dont c how i owe anything? im definately not calling them back after reading all the post.
pissed off beaz
they say i owe 15,469.00 , for what i never knew what this was about well first thing first DO NONT F*** WITH THE BEAZ ..............................GAME ON YOU WANT TO PLAY SAY HELLO TO MY FRIEND AKA LAWYER  to be continude.........
RUDE  people!!!! My guarantor on an apt. I had last year got a letter from these people saying I owed money. I had never received any sort of communication from the complex about these unpaid electric overages. When I called the collections company, got no answer. Today the c**t called me back and when I explained that I had never received anything from the apartment, she copped a total attitude and literally began yelling, which of course pissed me off. She kept laughing and saying "well it's not my credit" when I wanted an explanation of the charges. She finally told me what the charges were for. One month of unpaid electric overage and that I didn't pay all of my last month's rent which makes no sense since I paid the remainder of my rent off a couple months before I left. I went straight to the apartment complex had them look up the charges, which I do owe, and they were happy to show me the account. I really wonder about these collections people...what on earth is wrong with them? I'm reporting the company to the FTC as soon as I finish this post.

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