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Looked Number: 4078427794 | Area Code : 407 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 4078427794

so i just got a call from this number with a lady in a high pitched voice saying a won a trip to Orlando and the Bahamas -_-........

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Luckily they called me an hour ago and i missed their call. Thanks for your posts
Sh all
The same thing happened to me just 8mints ago.
I too received this Disney cruise call. I told the woman I wasn't interested in something that I DID NOT register for. She then proceeded to ask for my husbands name and when I would like to travel. I asked her to remove my name from this list. 'but you registered, why would I remove your name? You've qualified for a cruise.' she wouldn't take no for an answer, so I hung up on her. These people are unbelievable!!
Yes, I just got a call from this number a few minutes ago.  They knew my name and said I registered for a Disney vacation, which I never did.  When I told the lady I didn't she went right on with her scripted pitch as if I hadn't even said it.  I just hung up.  These calls are such a nuisance and this looks to be a scam.
I also got the call from this number !
I called this number back after they called but didn't leave a message, it's a sweepstakes place. Don't know where they got my number, I'm supposed to be on the no call list. They called before. Listened to the recording and had to go through a couple of choices in order to  "cancel membership" which I never applied for, so we'll see if I'm really cancelled or if they call again. If they keep calling you can report them to FTC and BBB.
I just got a call from this number sawing I may be entitled to money if I have been in an accident. I just hung up on them. They called my cell phone, but I put my cell # on the do not call list so I don't know how they were able to call me.
Way too many calls from this number. When I call it back, it says welcome to law centric members' line. I've never subscribed to those people. It said if you want to stop receiving calls, press one and I did on 3 separate occasions.  They still call me! I even reported them to the "do not call" registry severla times...SO ANNOYING!!

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