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Looked Number: 4032538306 | Area Code : 403 | Country : Canada | Record Unknown Customer


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John and Terry Kubin
Please remove us from your fax messages for these administrative workshops.

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I received a call from these retards today as early as 7:32 am and its been like this for awhile but never was i by the computer when i got the call, so I searched today called the 1-866-471-8555 and removed me from the list of calls.
a quick fix
Terrence and all others on this page, see the message posted above with the link to the Canadian Training Resources site... here's the link again: www.ctrcanada.comThere is a place at the bottom of the page to add your phone number to their "do not fax" list. Do it, it works! It didn't even take 30 days for them to never call us again. Believe me, I understand your frustrations!
My family and I are ALSO being harassed by this company. We have been getting phone calls from them and their fax machine for 5 months. They call at all hours of the night and day. I have been brought to tears multiple times because it is so frustrating. One day we counted 5 fax calls in less than one hour. The number used is not on this site yet so I thought I would add it. The number is 403-253-7579.I will do what ever it takes to get this to stop. I have a baby and sleep comes hard enough these days without them adding to my stress.
i have been recieving dthese annoying fax calls from the "CTR CANDN TRAIN"company since last april.the times very from 6:58AM - 7:44PM. I would like everyone to know that they have lots of numbers and i have had my phone company try sending them a STOP letter but it wouldn't go thru...the numbers i have are 253-4807,253-8616,253-8624,253-8397,253-8306,253-8071,253-7686,253-8439,253-7195,253-7579,253-7106,253-1802,253-7958... THESE CALLS HAVE GOT TO STOP...I am taking this to the police as well...both to alberta and to saskatchewan... i want charges laid against this company...
Pissed Off Now
This info was sooo helpfull. I called that number but it was like 9pm lol. So i left a message and was very very clear that they are upsetting me. Thank-You again.
These guys, who are actually Canadian Training Resources at Suite 400 - 7015 McLeod Trail S.W. Calgary are a bunch of annoying you know what.  The manager there is Jill and their toll free number is 1-866-471-8555.These guys harassed me for months and I reported them to CRTC and am waiting for a reply.  They have called me before 7:00 AM on a Saturday and don't appear to care about peoples privacy.Canadian Resource Training get my vote for MOST ANNYOYING BUSINESS EVER!!
Called them and they said they wont send them anymore. Let's hope it works.
I believe that they use the following numbers:!253-8071, 253-7686, 253-8306, 253-8308259-6760, 259-2905, 259-3630, 259-3680

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