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403 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 403 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 403 Series

403-770-9064 DON'T PICK UP THE PHONE
Guys it could be a really big scam. Okay?????? So don't pickup the phoooone
403-770-9064 Yukon Gurlie
Is there anyone else who lives in the Yukon who gets calls from this company each day? They call at least 3 times a day and hang up after. I think it's a BMO or something.
403-770-9064 frustrated
keep getting calls from this number 3 times a day.....suggest go to google and type in "do not call list"
403-770-9064 Edmonton
Calling on behalf of BMO to sell insurance benefits etc. for your credit card. Told them I'm not interested and they keep calling. Stupid people.
403-770-9064 alberta girl
You can have your telephone number removed from their call list by calling the number. Listen to the entire message and it will ask you to enter your 10 digit telephone number. It can take up to 72 hours to remove your number.
403-770-9064 yin xia zhang
PLS do not call me again. i won't pick your phone
403-770-9064 Disturbed
This caller is bugging me about 3 times a day.
403-770-9064 Payback
I meant to say turn off the ringer in the morning, whatever your choice is.
403-770-9064 Payback
Get a phone that has a mute feature built into it, and turn off the ringer at night.
403-770-9064 Melodina Gawat
Always calls at my landline almost everyday and a many times. Very disturbing and I can't sleep good especially I'm sleeping mostly on days due to my night shift.
403-770-9064 Bluebirdy
This is a call for credit card holders to sell you an anti-fraud program and credit report every few months
403-770-9064 jonoby
I called the number, it is TRG Customer Solutions, http://trgcustomersolutions.com/, a telemarketing firm.
403-770-9064 PASCAL
403-770-9064 Ryan
Phoned me every day this week and when I pick up it just hangs up on me.
403-770-9064 Cristina
I just got a call from it as well. I think its from a telemarketer
403-265-8700 403-265-8700
no message left
403-265-8700 D
when you click on the link, says there no such thing
403-265-8700 d
Claros Research0604 1 St SWCalgary, ABT2P 1M7Phone: 403-265-8700Fax: 403-265-8701http://www.claros.ca
403-312-1102 403-312-1102
no message left

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