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403 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 403 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 403 Series

403-986-8989 Bob
Just got the same call from the same number
403-986-8989 BC
Called today Mon. Sep21/09 10:22AM today to my Fido cell 778 number (not my 604 house number) and no message was left. The (403) exchange is an Alberta exchange.
403-986-8989 s
403 986 8989 called me at 10:08 - I answered and an automated message came on saying "I had just won 2,600 travel dollars; to claim this prize press one" I hesitated for 10 seconds on pressing one or not and the call ended as they hung up on their end.
403-986-8989 FXWizard
Rec'd call at 9:58 this morning on my cell, didn't answer, no VM left.
403-986-8989 Me Too
Called 9:50. i screened checked here. i guess i missed my opportunity to win some scratch!
403-986-8989 m
got called at 7am. didn't pick up/no message. b*****ds!
403-986-8989 Kati
I got a call at 8:00am, didn't pick it up, tried calling back but it was busy.
403-986-8989 SK
Called twice yesterday, left no message.
403-986-8989 gm5
Left no message, not in address book.
403-986-8989 Cee Cee
I got a call at 11:00 am PST.  No message left
403-986-8989 Chris
I got a call with a prerecorded message saying I had won money as well. We can't all be lucky can we?I hung up before the message finished. Now I'll probably have long distance charges.I even tried calling the number back to give them hell but I got a message saying that the number was not in service.
403-986-5983 Tia
Keeps calling. Who is it?
403-986-4226 JOE BUCK
403-986-4226 g
did not answer
403-986-4226 skeptical
I got a call today, $3000 travel offer for "loyal telus customers". Press #1 etc. Robocall.
403-986-4226 V
Got a call from this number with an automated message saying: Because you are a valuable Rogers customer, you will get 3000 travel dollars. Press 1 to bla bla...
403-986-4226 Missy
Got a call from this number on my cell 10 minutes ago. I'm in Vanc and was surprised to see403 area code- didn't answer and they didn't leave a message- I'm with Telus as well.
403-986-4226 Fed Up
Just got the call now... are you kidding me?Phone scams are getting increasingly annoying...not to mention they take up day time minutes!
403-986-4226 May
Called me today twice,I live in the Vancouver area
403-986-4226 DANIELLE
who is this  number??
403-986-4226 Susannah
I'm from Vancouver as well and dont know anyone in alberta... just got a call from them, but didnt answer! I'm a telus customer too... so clearly they made up the fact that rogers valued customers get them! If this is a travel scam again they used to call me 3 times a day for a while back in october... I guess theyre back! get a life people!
403-986-4226 Anon
I'm in the Vancouver area. Got a call, no message left.
403-986-4226 black
Got a call from this number saying that "Because I am a valuable Roger's customer, I will get 3000 travel dollars".Got a similar call last Friday from this number also: 519.340.8446
403-986-4226 Ryan
I'm a Telus user in Calgary, AB and they called me today as well... no message left.
403-986-4226 Robin
3000 travel dollars for Rogers customers
403-986-4226 Cam
Travel scam
403-986-4226 gabe
called on my cellphone.... and used the name of the last person that I called .... when I noticed the unusual area code, I didn't answer.... thanks for all the folks who report these...
403-986-4226 nobody
its the 3000 travel dollars scam again....
403-986-4226 daddyweeb
Same... 2pm, no message... Red Deer AB #
403-986-4226 dana
I also got a call the other day from this number to my cell phone and again no message left

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