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401 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 401 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 401 Series

401-935-2232 hank
someone called, said 'hello' i said 'hello' back and they said 'who's there' I said 'who is this' no reply, I hung up...
401-935-2232 CARY
Somebody calling me about job ..
401-934-9919 T. van der Laan
Unkown, nobody there when I picked up the phone!
401-934-9853 SAME #
I just got a call from the same number and like many of you said I screen my calls, and I waited to see if they would leave a message and they didnt? Must not be important.I am on the "no call" waiting list and I CANT WAIT!!
401-934-9853 AW
401-934-9853 ANNOIED IN IND
401-934-9853 kgig
Calling but no message left. Caller ID says Rhode Island, called the # back not in service. So annoying.
401-934-9853 irritated
The words they use -- a recorded opening message -- is about some National Healthcare and Benefits network (dental, hospitalization, eye). But when I got a representative, I asked to know the name of the company' and she said "NO" and hung up. Friendly public relations. They called me!! 901-934-9853, have had dozens of calls. I recomend  listing the company name(s) they use.Why would they not be open and honest about their business?
401-934-9853 Ed Daniels from Wisconsin
They called me on Januray 30th but I did not answer them when they called. I do not answer a number on my Caller ID if I don't know what it is for and if it was important, they would have left a message but they didn't. Also, I just tried to call the number today to find something out and a recorded message came on saying that the number is no longer in service. I'm guessing that someone out there is trying to scam others.
401-934-9853 MN
No message left.  Who is this??
401-934-9853 KB
No message left, I called back the number on a work phone and it said the number was not available ? ? ?
401-934-9853 Unlisted
Like most calls, just a hang up....this is a new number appearing on my caller ID, probably will be on their list to aggrivate me until death do us part....
401-934-9853 JMC
Same.  Called and did not leave a message.  "Rhode Island" was the caller ID.
401-934-9853 Curious
No idea who is calling.
401-934-9853 Mrs Caulfield
These people just started calling, then hang up.  Don't know what they want.
401-934-9853 Steph760
They called and didn't leave anything. Who the heck is this!
401-934-9853 Marc
Received two calls from this number. Both times no message was left.
401-934-6251 jeff
data collection survey
401-934-1870 ANTHONY
i c u
401-932-5984 Dancompass
I don't know what the paper you found on your door is about.  Disregard it.  It was not placed there by my company
401-932-5492 Sonia
No message left...
401-932-4059 Shane
unknown number calling
401-931-6844 hipeak327
Rec'd call @8:23 PM 2/25/12.  No message left.
401-931-6844 Joe Torso
Call received, no message left.
401-931-5866 Sick of These Calls
Called this number back an it stated "all circuits are busy now, please try again later" and gave a message number M???? Then it went to that tone phones make when you've dialed a no longer in use number.  Still no clue who it is.  Lets see if they call back.
401-931-5866 Sick of These Calls
Missed the call, no voice message left. Do not know this number/caller.  Possibly a scammer or telemarketer?
401-931-3487 Nichole72
I don't know who they are, but they call my daughter's cellphone and ask for me. She asked who it was and they said who is this? She told them her mom and she asked if i was there by my name. She told them no and they said Oh sorry wrong number, but they keep calling her back. Does anyone know who this is?
401-930-3659 Mary
401-930-3659. keep calling me every day
401-924-4259 Evelyn
Have no idea who it is.
401-921-5896 Janet
They've been calling and last night when my husband answered they asked for me.  When he told them I wasn't home the person on the line starts a schpeel about me answering a survey and winning a free home alarm system.  As the person rambled on we just hung up. Haven't found any complaints on this number yet but when I called it, the record says the number is not in service, "Cox Communications".  I'm saying scam on this one unless someone can provide info otherwise.

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