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Looked Number: 3368058000 | Area Code : 336 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


Country :
United States
State/Location/Service Provider Information :
North Carolina
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User Comments for 3368058000

Call was from Bank of America, debt collection.  They left a message with name and number to return her call.  They have been told previously they have no basis to collect but they wont get the hint

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My daughter has my deceased mother's old cell phone.  She received a call from this number asking them to talk to someone about the estate of my mother.  They are even trying to scam an estate. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
Didn't answer it and no message left
Was a women whom told me she was from "Bank of America". She told me that I had late fees left over on an old Fleet Bank Account Loan (Which then merged into Bank of America), and how I would like to pay for it, since I was "delinquent". My loan was a secured loan, and I told her that my loan was paid in full, otherwise the monies would not be released. She then told me that because it was such a minimal amount ($21.00 and some change, which with late fees grew to nearly $90.00) the monies were still released... I told her to send it to me in writing... She kept trying to transfer me over to another line to pay, and I kept telling her to mail it to me and send it to me in writing, over and over... She got pissed off at me and hung up... Beware, scam artist at work... I checked the number she was calling in on (800-936-6362 that said Bank of America on caller ID) but when I researched it, that number was a scam too!!Caller: Bank of America
dept man
When they call say that persons # has been changed give them this # 1-888-870-7770 this is the Governors office in Mass.  We need law changes let the governors office get a taste of what it is like to be harassed.  Give this number to all creditors !!!!!
Received another call today from Bank of America looking for a Diane Wiggins.  I told the lady on the phone that Diane does not/has not ever worked here, please remove this number from her contact list.  I also told the woman that I requested this three times last week from Bank of America.  The woman stated we never called you and this is the number she gave us.  I stated that if was Bank of America because I asked and also googled the number, to please stop calling for a Diane Wiggins as the number listed is incorrect.  I doubt if number is removed they just keep calling.
do not call me again. f***  off
This is Bank Of America

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