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336 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 336 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 336 Series

336-792-2611 Anonymous
2018-11-21 21:27:37
Multiple calls from this # I answered and it is a telemarketer wanting to sell back or knee braces.
336-858-2804 D.I.V.A
I been talking to this cat for months and he says the same thing he wanted nude pictures and he wanted a lot of them at that.... He is very nasty and stupid with a bad attitude . This Man is PERVERT.....and he tells women how they homes look as well and he very dumb, He thinks he is fooling the public but he is fooling his self.... PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM Him.... U will never see him cause he is not the REAL Usher U guys :LEAVE this man alone.......... He is: PHONY AND FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
336-858-2804 Miss.Ohio
I have spoken with this guy he has a southern accent an claims to be "Usher Raymond"  he gets mad when you ask him to prove his identity he also has a bad temper when he ask you to send him a pic and you dont he gets mad I knew it was too good to be true we meet on his so called personal page on Facebook  which he recently closed however he currently has a twitter page listed as UsherRaymond187 this guy is a phony please dont continue contact it has also been reported that he stalked several females included but not limted to describing what their houses look like etc..
336-858-2804 Miss.Ohio
Im glad I came across your post thanks for giving women the heads up you encourage me to speak out and come forth.
336-858-2804 Sharonda
He stated that he is Usher Raymond when in fact he isn't. He sent nude photos of his penis to me and asked me to do the same. I'm a lady and I would never send a stranger a photo like that of myself.
336-858-2804 ms.usher raymond
look usher raymond is not gay and he never will be i will love him forever no matter what yaw say
336-858-2804 Sheriah
Stated he was in fact Usher Raymond and send degrading nude videos of himself masturbating.
336-858-2217 demetria
I am getting Harvard
336-858-2034 Jazzy pooh my*nigg
This is jazzypooh cant c** ovs today
336-857-0245 ANONYMOUS
well am glad i search this number...hmmmm the things you find out about someone that's crazy i knew something was up in my spirit cause i couldn't get the name outta my head...well we are know meeting ppl online aint the best way another number to block on my phone or change thanks guys ya just save me n my time
336-857-0245 ANONYMOUS
I'm glad I searched this number when I did. He's a liar and a pervert and wanted me to perform sexual acts for money and gifts. I AM NOT A PROSTITUE. He said he would do this and that for me. I'm glad I never met him and never will. He told me he lives in MN and is probably lying about that as well seeing how his number is from NC. Doesn't make sense!!!! DO NOT TALK TO HIM. He will tell you he loves you in less than a week. Don't believe that! He'll get close to you and then try and hit on your mom and sister and friends and tell you that they want him. He is nasty. AVIOD HIM!!!
336-857-0245 Swtn
I called him out on all his fake photos and finally got him to admit to me that they aren't him.  He is a liar and then he'll stop talking to you which is fine.  Then a month later he'll call and say I want to talk again and I've really grown up in the past month and I'm sorry.  It's a shame that people will post fake profiles I really hope that he doesn't end up hurting someones feelings badly.
336-857-0245 samt.
336-857-0245 C27
Yes he is!!
336-857-0245 Samt.
This is a stalker with personalty a disorder that preys on women of all body types and is also a compolseive lier. By the name of Bill Wainwright or henderson.
336-856-7783 bryan
rng twice
336-856-2901 Adriana
Left no message
336-856-1897 Thomas
Called me at work.
336-855-9706 +923368559706
336-855-8147 Kendra
Left no message.
336-855-5870 2otaku
So why are they calling? I answered, no voice, no message. I did file a complaint since I am not doing any business with this company at all.
336-855-5870 Alfalfa
Accordant Health Services, Inc. 4900 Koger Boulevard, Suite 300. Greensboro, NC 27407-2710 Toll-free: 800-948-2497 Phone: 336-855-5870 Fax: 336-852-7413 http://www.accordant.net/privacy.shtml
336-855-5870 cat
HELP.....who this?????????
336-855-4797 ET
2 missed calls on cell phone and no message.
336-855-3501 Gabriel
I answer they hang up.
336-855-3471 Daniel
Repeatedly calls my business number but does not say anything.   DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION IF THEY WANT TO "VERIFY" ANYTHING.
336-855-3471 zelda
have gotten a call every day this week from this number - sometimes twice a day. each time i explain that i am not allowed to verify any information and that they must call back in the evening to speak to the owner. the individual on the other end ignores me completely, speaks right over me, and continues to give his spiel. cannot understand him when he says what company he's with - he just keeps talking and doesn't want to listen to me anyway when i ask him to repeat it. even when i hang up he keeps talking - i know this because when i attempt to use that line again he's still going (perhaps he works for energizer? just a joke...)
336-854-8049 to12
I just got a call from this number. It hang up right after I picked the phone.
336-854-3383 Greensboro
American Building Services Inc1844 Pembroke Rd Greensboro, NC 27408FAKE ADDRESS336-854-3383 CALL FIRE FAX]www.americanhomecleaningnc.comAmerican Building Services Inc provides Janitorial Service, House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning in Greensboro, NC
336-854-3122 Madeline
A hang up call

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