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331 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 331 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 331 Series

331-235-7084 lisa
no answer
331-235-3695 James Bishop
Claims to be in Mexico and will help me sell my timeshare if I deposit money into an account.Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico-Lic. Juan Carlos de la O Montoya Officer and Chief in charge with all international Transactions in SHCP. Lic. Eduardo Flores Partida (Attorney at Law) Cedula Profesional #1105763Chief of the Legal Department in SHCP Address:Av. de las Américas No. 833, Colonia Jesús García, C.P. 44656, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Direct Line (52)1+331-235-3695Toll Free 01-800-4636 748
331-234-6275 liz
I received  a phone call from some one from Mexico he new my named but because my husband doest not speack spanish he said he would call back, can you tell me if this is the same number they call your mother and if it is should I be worry. 331-234-6275. thank youLiz10-30-12
331-234-6275 Cap in your a** in Cali
They called my mom today saying it was her nephew calling from Mazatlan because he was on his was to Mexicali to import cars in to Mexico, and he would  ross into the U.S to visit.He also said he would be calling the next day and for her not to say anything to anyone that his trip was a surprise. Wish he would show up......... Surprise M$@$?;) F$&@?I heard it was linked to the zetas??? V
331-233-4550 chivas
somebody call my wife last night telling her my cousin is coming from Mexico' they call twice already but this morning when i answer  and start asking questions  the other man in the line offend me and threat me and use foul language he got mad  and i hung up.  so be carefully out there
331-233-0449 nena
whos is this number?
331-231-7571 yaggie
Called pretending to be family member.
331-223-9740 reversal
i think it's a volunteer from AmVets asking for donations
331-223-9740 JJ
Just got a random call from this number. 5 second pause before someone said hello.
331-223-9740 Dave
Who is this?
331-223-1452 Seth
Got a call from this number. No voice message left.
331-222-9783 don
A B,  you're going to have to get yourself removed.  This is a discussion board to exchange information concerning unwanted callers.
331-222-9783 A B
remove me from you call list
331-222-7658 Rad
I have a text from this number and telling me she is from California but i realized that the area code she is using is from Illinois. It sounds suspicious to me.
331-220-9508 hser law paw
hi boh i would to meet u at church make sure u brong some present for me bo h boh love u
331-220-9508 i am hserlay paw
i would to meet u at church on saturday also bring some present for me BOH miss u hope to see u soon
331-220-6734 david kitchen
cam from a cell phone did not know who it was said trying out new phone
331-220-6056 Carmen
I did not answer it.
331-220-5882 nadine
why you calling me
331-220-0841 Kevin
Anyone knows who this is?
331-219-7605 Alaskan
I got a call from a man name Scott Miller stating that I had a pay day loan that I never payed back and said that I need to pay $1095 or I will go to jail today. The funny thing is that I live in Alaska and a jail is little over 100 miles away, and if I was to go to jail today for a loan that wasn't paid off it wouldn't be the next day. the only way to get in and out of here is through an airplane that seats only 7-8 people in it. Also this is the same guy from (831)219-7605 and also from (941)961-8518. In the number that is (831)219-7605 he said his name was Brad but he didn't give me a last name and he said he was an attorney of law and that I need to pay $1095. Also if I was going to jail I would of get contacted from the Alaska State Troopers office or some from Nome Alaska days or even months before I would go in.  That is how it is for Alaskan's in small villages.
331-219-1554 Cristian
I didn't answer, left no message.
331-215-9726 Persona
Recibí una llamada del teléfono 331-215-97-26. Quien llamo dijo que era un familiar de Estados Unidos y dijo mi nombre, yo le solicite mas datos y me dijo que mucha desconfianza y colgó.Hablaba bien el español; Y no se le escuchaba  acento  de vivir allá.
331-215-9726 tu papa
Hoy me yamaron estos perros ala casa disiendo Que eran familia de mexico..I saben Mi domicilio..Yo no ando con juegos..dejense venir.aver de acuanto nos toca..
331-215-9726 None
Hoy me llamaron de este número, diciendome que eran de mi familia en mexico...... what yo no tengo familia en mexico y les colge, es la segunda llamada de este tipo que recibo la primera era del 554-989-3607 y esta que fu del 331-215-9726
331-215-9724 hello
People calling to ask for money!
331-215-9722 Private
This happened to us today. Did he ever call back?
331-215-9722 Anonimo
Same scenario with us. Called to tell us he was coming to town and next day he calls saying he was involved in car accident and he was in jail wanting $500 to pay a lawyer.
331-215-9722 anonymous
This guy just called my house phone saying he's a cousin and that he was in monterrey, Mexico saying that he was gonna come visit me and that he was gonna buy a truck over here
331-215-9722 unkown
this person called aa my  cousin and for some reason he knew my address

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