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Looked Number: 3108736421 | Area Code : 310 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 3108736421

Jamaal K. Solomon
I have now received phone calls on two occassions from Senior Attorney Mike Walker, even though the second call he said he never called me before. The first time the call was from an 855 number. Both calls stated that I had an outstanding claim against me from a pay day loan company. Shortly after the first call I had a deposit into my bank account from PAY AVANIX for $.03 and then a withdrawl shortly after that. The second time they call I spoke to them for a very long time over the phone. I even kept calling back from various numbers, but they refused to talk to me any longer.

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Delores Pepper
Call came from a William black with Financial Crime Enforcement Network. Said I was going to be prosecuted for three loans/fraud charges. Then asked me for a small payment at end of call $300. Is this not a crime? I am already on the local and national no call lists, why do I keep getting these calls.
Received a harrassing phone call at work and also left message on my answering machine at home310-873 6421.  They said they are from a Hutchings law firm.  A warrant for my arrest for unpaidpay day loan.  I do not owe .  Very heavy accent.  I asked him for his licence number.  He asked why .  So I could have them investigated.  He said take your investigation and stick it up youra**  .  Then he hung up.  These people are nuts they have nothing better to do with their time excepttry to  get money from people who are  working.  These people need a real job.
I have been receiving calls from them and have numerous voicemails where MR Walker represents himself as a police officer and then says it is regarding my SS# this is against The LAW smh do not provide any Information and if you have the voicemails etc please save them and find you a good lawyer like i have i am in the process of filing a lawsuit
This number is a scam.  They have harassed me a million times at work and on my cell.  They use profanity, they don't want to give the information of where they are from but they are willing to give you information on how you can make a payment via money gram.  William Black is his name the one harassing me saying he will get me fired from my job and will collect a debt that was never formed.  PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THIS NUMBER AND DO NOT CONFIRM ANY INFORMATION.  FIle a complaint with ftc.gov or go on njconsumeraffairs.gov
they claim they will being sending court documents and prosecuting me for a loan i  never took. they have my cell number and now my work number.
This number is a scam. These people had a thick accent and say the r from a fraud investigation department. The say you have a loan that was never paid back. They wont give you any info. They already know all your info don't confirm any of it. They also call from 310-626-9425 & 862-367-5501!! Don't answer these calls!!
Keep calling my house over and over and over QUIT!!!!!
Received a call from this number. Answered and they hung up.
I keep on getting this call from this Number everyday and I had called it back and it told me that the number is not in service any more and I would like to know who the heck is calling my number and it is not a game any more I am tired of it.

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