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289 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 289 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 289 Series

289-333-3395 jessica
called from 289-333-3636 stated his name was Jeff Wong from IBM
289-333-3395 Steve
Called twice in a row.  Did not leave a msg.  Called back and 'the number has been disconnected'
289-333-3395 Anonymous
Got a call from 289-333-3701 - caller left voice mail identified as Shawn at IBM - have no IBM equipment or relationship
289-333-3395 BitBoss
Caller did not leave a voicemail.
289-333-3395 Sp@mH8r
Called my support desk and basically stated what others have posted. I already have IBM equipment, and like with any other vendor I have a rep that I go through. Had my helpdesk tell the caller that any correspondence should go through my rep, thank you have a nice day .
289-333-3395 klp
I received this same call yesterday.  The area code is from the greater Toronto area
289-333-3395 new1
Same here, didn't answer, they didn't leave a message.IBM has hassled me before, so that would fit.
289-333-3395 jk
Just got this, too.
289-333-3395 Gary
I've just received a call from 289-333-3395. I answered but the caller hung up. Is anybody else getting calls from this number?
289-333-1226 Erin
Did not leave a message.
289-333-1141 Mark
Who is using this number?
289-333-1000 taff
Fed up with unwanted alls
289-333-0259 Anom
Got 4 calls from this number today.  They never left a message.  When I tried to call back, there was nobody there.
289-333-0259 Noname
Received a phonecall from this person today. They asked for my by name. When I told them I was who they asked for they hung up.
289-329-4040 Shannon
Who is the owner?
289-327-0372 baston4you
They call every night at the diner time, and a computer respond
289-326-0342 tom tom
I get calls from 1-289-326-0342 alll the time... most times no answer when i pick up..
289-326-0342 tom
called apr. 21..left no message
289-326-0342 charlie one
stop calling
289-326-0342 SB
Called at 6:59pm on Oct 21st and went to answering machine then hung up.  No message.Called once more about 1/2 hour later.
289-326-0342 RG
They called twice in less then a hour, picked up but no response either time.
289-325-0987 speed
us customs supposably
289-325-0342 john
close to 9 pm, nobody on the other side
289-315-3967 Sue
I have received what appears to be a fax (beep) type phone call after midnight Atlantic time from this numner. Caller ID says Canadian Electr.  I do not have a fax machine and do not appreciate being woke up in the middle of the night by this type of thing.  Please remove my number from your calling/fax list.  I have sent a private e-mail to Randy - address as shown above - with my phone number that is to be removed from your lists.Thank you.
289-315-3967 Ajax guy
Approximately every two months this cycle repeats itself with this number calling at all hours of the morning and afternoon for several times a day (approximately 10-20 minute intervals)Before I found this forum, I lodged a complaint with the CRTC.I then followed up with The Canadian Electricity Forum and was advised that they use a fax service.  I indicated to them that was fine but, ultimately, they are responsible for those who represent them.Mr. Hurst, I have never used your website or leveraged any of your publications.  Your circulation manager verified that I am no where in your database as a consumer of your circulated publications yet your fax vendor continues to call my residential home phone number.  Even having said that, why is your fax vendor sending multiple faxes to the same number 10 to 20 minutes apart?She was a very nice lady and assured me that my number would be removed from the system but I did advise her that any repeats would result in additional complaints to the CRTC.I think you seriously need to reconsider your vendor sourcing strategy and policies when it comes to electronic communications
289-315-3967 al cook
we do not have a fax machine! we are a company.  Im just a guy trying to care for my 80 year old motherin her waning years.  please do not bother us.  we are not wealthy.remove our number.
289-315-3967 al cook
613-938-2325this is the home number of my 80 year old mother.  we get faxes sometimes at 2 am.please remove it from your data base.
289-315-3967 Randy Hurst
HiI understand that you are not happy with our fax service. We only use fax numbers that are given to us, in the process of subscribing to our magazines, purchasing books from us, given to us through our circulation or by joining our website promotion list.If your number is being faxed to incorrectly, i apologize. Please send me your First and Last Name, and the number that is being called and I will have it removed from our database.Randy HurstPresidentThe Canadian Electricity Forumrandy@electricityforum.com
289-315-3967 al cook
1-289-315-3967  1-250-984-7674514-958-0000these fax numbers are calling all hours of day and night.wolfclan1953@hotmail.complease help
289-315-3967 Kathryn Rousseau
Please remove our phone number 519-969-6096 from your faxing list. WE ARE NOT A FAX MACHINE!

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