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Looked Number: 2622063997 | Area Code : 262 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 2622063997

Rec’d junk mailing from a true dirt-bag!FIRST NOTICEECONOMIC STIMULUS ACT 2009Reference No. xxxxxMichael J. RayniakSenior Mortgage ConsultantOffice:  262-206-3997NMLS  #224076Pacor Mortgage Crop.24420 74th St.Salem, WI  53168This real dirt bag has the audacity to send real crap with the banner of “First Notice Economic Stimulus Act 2009”.Lookee here, Jack! We don’t want nor trust you.We don’t want any of your stimulus!  We despise the word stimulus and likes of all you Eman Obama types!And first notice? Wipe your butt with your 2nd and 3rd notice, or I’ll come way out there and show you first hand.What a bunch of filth and dirt, printed out a pink sheet, in an attempt to shock your attention. Naturally since none of it applies to us, it didn’t matter, but I am concerned about so many of the unsuspecting people this total DIRTBAG WILL PREY UPON.Clowns like this needed to be halted in their tracks.How about a true economic stimulus… we spray D.D.T. over these types of people. Now I’d class that as national healthcare! Maybe then the rest of us could get on with real business instead of being bothered with morons like Michael J. Rayniak!

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