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262 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 262 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 262 Series

262-997-9791 Gabriel
Called me at work.
262-997-9724 Upset Mother
A woman called from this number claiming to be from some attorney office looking for me or my 10 yr old daughter. she said that we were in some kind of legal trouble and needed to speak to both of us.  I asked her for some kind of verification of who she and her company are.  She could not give it to me other than repeat the same thing she said in the beginning. I gave her my fax number and told her to send me something as we were on the phone and she hung up.  Be carefull of this number!!!!  She couldn't even tell me what my daughter had to do with this either.
262-997-9723 Dan Jansen
They have been calling our home since 2006. I filed many, many complaints with the so called DO NOT CALL list and they never do anything. They want somebody by the name of (Wilson) and we have never known anyone by that name. Help, I'm stuck here. Can anyone out there tell me why they have a DO NOT CALL LIST?
262-997-6246 Si
This is a local number for Sprint's customer service, for the purpose of doing a post-store visit follow-up survey.
262-997-6246 Kim
I got a call from this number but since I didn't recognize it I didn't answer it and they didn't leave a message.
262-997-4379 me
Got the same call.  Glad I didnt answer.  thanks
262-997-4379 raul
Rang when I was unable to pick it up.  No message.  No one has my number, how did they get it?Thank you to all above reporters for the info....
262-997-4379 me
Got a missed call from this #. I screen my calls. If I don't recognize the #, I won't answer it.
262-997-4379 beegeee
Just got a missed call from this number on a new Tracfone no one has been given my new number.
262-997-4379 cheri
They called me on my son's phone, talking about a job application I had filled out.  I would NEVER leave my son's number in regards to an application so it raised red flags.  When I tried to call it back, the number wouldn't accept incoming calls.   I googled the number and found the complaints.  This is a great scam if you think about it-- so many people are looking for work, they probably wouldn't hesitate to give them info.
262-997-4379 Becky
Received a call from this number....didn't answer & they didn't leave a message.  I had recently posted something on Craigslist, so thought that was how they got my number.....
262-997-4379 Bailly
Just got this call as well. Sounds really real but i'm pretty sure it's an animated voice because there's a delay between what I say and when he replies. He said I filled out a survey and some job opportunity bull.
262-997-4379 Tyler
it was annoying and i got the call right in the middle of class
262-997-4379 Jesse
Some moron called my cell phone number offering employment positions. Who are this morons that can get access to privet cell phones ?.
262-997-4379 Drea
Just had a missed call from this number. I would never give out info on the phone. If they call again, I won't answer.
262-997-4379 OC
I just received a phone call from 262-997-4379 on my cell phone.  This is very unusual, because only four people have my cell phone number.  The person wanted to speak with me about a on-line health survey I took.  I told him I had not taken any such survey.  Then he started to mimic what I was saying.  I hung up.Last week, I received an odd call from 803-393-4094 on my landline.  The person on the other end claimed to be an Agent Parker from a Fraud Division.  She wanted to speak with Linda or her lawyer about a pending case, and she even gave the case number.  When I googled this number, I found that this number has a history of problems also...so beware!!
262-997-4379 Mike
Didn't answer after seeing these posts when I googled the number.
262-997-4379 Lily
I answered the call and luckily my phone stopped working right then and there so glad for that but it probably would have been the same as all of the above!
262-997-4379 Sarah
Didn't answer after seeing these posts when I googled the number. Thanks guys! Also just noticed you're all posting from not too long ago. So this is happening a lot I'm guessing.
262-997-4379 mike
same thing as above....wn divisions saying i had indicated interest in employment.
262-997-4379 John
Just got this message as well.-White sounding guy-Online survey I didn't take part in
262-997-4379 WAYNE
same thing some bull about job opportunity
262-997-4379 Brent
Got the same call telling me the same thing, telling me he had a few questions based on the survey I took that he needed to ask me to find out my current job qualifications.  Advised person on the phone that I had not taken the service and had no interest in talking to him.  Amusing since I am a manager of a retail store and he called my work phone....
262-997-4379 MR. poppie
same thing as above .. employment service.  and a 1 sec delay for an answer, everytime i spoke. sounded like a white guy
262-997-4379 Joe
Call on my cell phone referencing an online survey that I filled out for an employment service. I advised him that I hadn't filled out any survey and to stop scamming me and take my cell number off of his list.This is the 3rd call that I have had to my cell, which I never give out, in the past week. The calls are originating from Kenosha, WI.Don't give them any information.
262-997-0998 CGT
This company has called from several #s. These are the following #s that they use: 802-768-0145262-997-0998614-717-1395913-730-7384913-221-0364They have been calling me since March. I have reported them to Better Business Bereau and FTC. When I told them I reported them to BBB they hung up on me. Collection agencies ALWAYS send yous something in writing first. I asked them to verify their address and phone # they refused for "security reasons". They got reall irriate when I kept asking them questions.For a while they stopped calling but I guess they are getting desperate again and so they started calling me from different numbers. I told them to STOP. Now everytime I get a unknown number, I do not answer it and let it go to voicemail. I check the voicemail and its the same company with a different number. Each time they call from a different #, I block it on my cell phone. They are getting desperate. The recording goes something like this:"You've reached the information center. This call may recorded for quality purposes.." that is how it starts..its the same voice. The guy says his name is "Mr Davis".  They threaten with arrest and fraud and all types of things that scare you or intimidate you into paying money. DON'T FALL FOR IT. If you have a sprint phone, you can go to your call history and go to "Blocked Calls" and just add the #. The companies name is "Burke & Myer". There is no listing for any such company with the BBB and i cannot find any information on the internet about them. It is a scam.
262-997-0998 Jessica
Same call as mentioned below. I commited some type of fraud and they are going to hunt me down at my home and work if I dont call back, blah, blah, blah. I hope someone shuts them down soon because I cant figure out how or who the heck they are. :(
262-997-0998 Stop unwanted calls
Left message with my name,stating they were Civil Service Processing Service,charges were being filed against me, due to fraudulent activity associated with my name and SS#. Also a summons would be served at my place of employment or my residence. They called at 2 different addresses, so not sure how they got the phone numbers.I saved the message on the phone.
262-997-0998 Emma Rocamontes
calls, tells me a warrent is out for my arrest.  i  hng up, they continue to call almost on a weekly basis.
262-997-0998 susu
Left msg with my name stating that they were with the civil service & charges were being filed against me in my county because there was fraudulent activity associated with my name & SS #. They also went on to say that a summons would be served at my place of employment or my residence. These idiots have been calling me for over 5 months now, same say with different phone numbers. those crooks want easy money. I reported to DA office and was told not to answer any of this calls and save all your recording. Now I got really tired I will go to the police and file a report. I have their voice and numbers .

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