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Looked Number: 2562899044 | Area Code : 256 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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late night calls

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I got it too. Has anyone had identity theft problems with this scammer?
I had the same message this morning when I woke up, "HAHA Tiffany http://t.co/cAiGq60182" I did click it, like and idiot but my phone warned me not to actually open the page so I did not.
Sent a text "HAHA Nick (url)" didn't click.
called and left message to call said they were an investigator for check fraud, so i thot oh no and called back, and the guy told me his name,but refused to repeat it.and said we had a payday loan from 3-4 yrs ago and had to pay it now.so i asked how much and he said we owed 1600.00, i thot we did do a payday loan online,but it was only for $200.00.so i asked what they were charging $1400 for interest? his reply was "uhh yeah interest ok", so i asked whats the lowest they wud take he said "ohh i'll go down to $1200, and we cud pay with debit right now,i said no,dont have the $,so he said go get it..then i asked the name of the company and account # and he wouldnt give it to me..they called again and left message for me or my lawyer to call within 24 hrs..ive done my research with this company and they aren't gettin a dime from us..and they are debt collectors NOT investigators!!!
These people are scammers!!!!!

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