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Looked Number: 2562886665 | Area Code : 256 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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a missing call

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I answered the call.  Not a sound from the caller.  I wish my phone had a "Nuke this caller!" button, that would cause their location to instantly evaporate into dust in a glorious, burning explosion!
I received 2 calls as well.  Actually they have been calling me and my parents for MONTHS.  Everytime they call and we call them out.  The company name and area code changes. They must think people are really stupid to fall for that repeatedly.  I have reported each company, but what good does it do if they keep changing their colors????
Mrs. Cooke
Caller to my cell phone looking for my daughter. Said he was "Gene Williams from DTA" investigating a fraud case with her name and "social." Don't know how he got my number with her name. The number from which he was calling was 404-973-2108. I verified he was at that number as I returned his call around 10 PM and it went directly to his voice mail. Although the number was different, his message was identical with those in this list of comments.
i also got phone calls and so did my mother using info that is hopelessly not right...made all kinds of threats to me and i made some phone calls and the company they say i owe has nothing on the books for me and they have no idea who they are or why they are calling on their behalf...its amazing these ppl are allowed to continue to do this to ppl and get away with it....im real close to getting an attorney and getting them for slander and harrassment....something in this country needs to change before ppl start losing their jobs for phone calls to their work
That they were filing for check fraud from a pay day loan. I never got a pay day loan they said it was from 2005 rude insulting me false accusations. Wouldn't tell me the name of the company
I had a message left on my cell phone saying ( I was being investigated for check fraud) and me and my lawyer needed to call within 24 hours!!!! I  recognized the area code of 404 was in Atlanta, GA because mybrother lives in the area. I immediately looked up DTA in Atlanta and came across these messages. Please someone do something about this!!!!!!!
Received 2 phone calls (one right after the other), from "Mr. Perry" who said he was from DTA Investigation (although the number came up on Caller ID as: 'Unknown Name' with phone number listed as: 404.935.9485 asking for a person whom does not reside here. This 'Mr. Perry' went on to leave all sorts of defamatory accusations about the person he is looking for on his first message. His second message was left for people whom live here but have no clue about why they'd be called in the first place!  Looking over the internet, I discovered that this company has used different phone numbers all within the same Atlanta, GA. area code of 404, using different variances of DTA Associates, Dorsey Thorton & Associates and the one they used today ... DTA Investigations. All aforementioned companies have received a continued "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau and numerous complaints for harrassing, threatening phone calls and messages to people whom don't even have a clue why they are being called in the first place! These people (DTA Investigations) need to be stopped from running a business and stopped from harrassing innocent people, period!
Someone keeps calling my job by the name of Perry and I keep telling them not to call but keeps calling anyways. What is this about and how do I make it stop becauweI am tried of this crap!
The Truth Hurts
Unlicensed as per Bud Hibbs:Started business Jan, 2010. No license or bond found anywhere. Former Unit Manager at Axiant/ Wolpoff & Abramson/Eskanos & Adler / Mann Bracken. Director of collections at Trauner Cohen and Thomas. Serial FDCPA violators, contacting employer. third parties, threatening lawsuits they are incapable of. (4 employees, started 10/2009)Ad looking for collectors:Dorsey Thornton and Associates has arrived. We are a small but growing agency that is experiencing tremendous growth. We have two new prime clients. We need 20 collectors ASAP. We do have a question though, ARE THERE ANY REAL COLLECTORS LEFT IN ATLANTA? IS THERE ANY COLLECTORS LEFT THAT REALIZES MONEY DOESN'T FALL FROM THE SKY? WE ARE OFFERING A REAL OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE $3500.00 or more per month. THERE IS ONE CONDITION THOUGH.....You actually have to work. IF YOU ARE LAZY, We don't want you. IF YOU HAVE DON'T COME TO WORK, We don't want you. WE ONLY WANT PEOPLE WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING A LIVING NOT A CHECK. OUR LARGEST CHECK PAID LAST MONTH WAS $8911.00. THIS IS REAL WE HAVE PLENTY OF ACCOUNTS AND NEED PEOPLE TO WORK THEM. WE PAY UP TO 30% OF EVERY DOLLAR COLLECTOR FROM DOLLAR ONE!! THIS IS BY FAR THE HIGHEST PAYING COLLECTIONS JOB IN ATLANTA FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WANT THE MONEY AND WE CAN PROVE IT!! WE ARE EVEN WILLING TO TRAIN THE RIGHT PERSON IF THEY HAVE THE DRIVE AND HUNGER FOR SUCCESS. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY THEN EMAIL US AT INFOatDORSEYTHORNTON.COM ATTENTION WISTERIA OR MICHAELBy : Craigslist
someone called about ex-huband   that  i was married to in the '70  don't know how they get last name after  2 name changes and over 30 years

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