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Looked Number: 2562875248 | Area Code : 256 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 2562875248

Virtute Perennis
Called pushing Social Security Disability! Claims to be a group called Claim Assistance, could not answer any of my questions and ended up with them hanging up on me!

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Found this number on my caller id.
I just got a phone call from this guy named ray roberts saying he is going to get me for check fraud and that i am suppose to call him back right away. WHo is this guy and who is DTA that is who he says he works for?
Confused but no an idiot!
I got the same call from this Ray Roberts guy and I got the same run around! He said he knew everything about me and I needed to verify all information. He in turn would give me no information about anything. He also stated he would mark my file as refusing to pay! I told him mark whatever you want until you are willing to provide me with the information you supposedly have I don't have to do anything, I am not an idiot and hung up! BEWARE of this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes a guy by the name of Ray Roberts contacted a distant Aunt and said he had an urgent matter about my credit being altered and I needed to contact him. I am not sure how me received my aunt's number as we barely ever talk, do not live in the same area and have never listed her as a personal reference. Ray Roberts told my Aunt that I was under investigation that he was a cop.I spoke with Ray Roberts. He refused to disclose the company he worked for and why he was contacting my Aunt and vaguely explained that he is going to find me and make me pay. I asked pay for what? Ray Roberts has some very interesting comments and stated that he would mark my file about contacting him and refusing to pay. I kept asking what business are you calling from, what is the debt you are trying to collect on. He just said I needed to give him my checking account information and he would get ride of the balance.I asked Ray Roberts to send me a letter in the mail if he had legitimate business. He said he had my address on file. It was a very weird conversation and very unprofessional. I am not sure if this is a real company or not. I am filling a complaint with the FTC.

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