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Looked Number: 2562862351 | Area Code : 256 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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These stinky Indians or Pakistans can't even speak proper English to get away with their online loan scams! They need to go back to their infested country and terrorize their own people. Can anyone say "Seven Eleven Convenient Stores"?   Hey, I hear Carvels is hiring.ps I even heard one of them say to the other" call her at her workplace and get her fired", when I wouldn't back down from accusing them of scams towards United State Citizens. After all, it's just another form of Terrorism.
Got a call from "Raven" as well. He left a mssg asking for me or my husband. Said he was from BPS Investigations. He talked fast with old school ghetto speak so it was very hard to understand everything he said. I did understand something about check fraud that crosses state lines and he wanted a letter of intent from us that could be given over the phone. Then he left some sort of case number to refer to. Of course I didn't bother to call him back but if "Raven" calls back when I am at home I look forward to going toe to toe with him. POS scammers like this should be drawn and quartered.
I received a call from this number, who at first, tried calling my best friend.  They claimed they had charges against me for fraudulent check and deception.  The man's name was Raven.  When I called him, he kept talking over me, was extremely rude, and stated that I needed to calm down.  He stated I owed a cash loan, but wouldn't give me information as to who the loan was through, etc.
Paul Feasal
I recieve a phone call from a person named Raven. He stated that thier was a claim filed agianst me from a Cash loan company. It seemed suspicouse to me because he wouldn,t give me in formation on the company he was collecting for or the cash company.
Called me on my cellphone. No message left.

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