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Looked Number: 2562827449 | Area Code : 256 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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Called for the passed 2 days and left No message

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left no msg.
kenshaw jeanne
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Someone called my sister and asked her to call her back regarding me but using my maiden name.  Reagan Mills.  Same name as all of these posts.  She said there was a case number.  How weird is it that it coincides with the same week that I bought something from ebay in my maiden name.  SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
I got a call from a Sgt. Davis stating that I owe BMG a payday loan.  I don't know anything about this and she said that she will be sending my information to my job.  She couldn't tell me who BMG is.  She said I had received letters and emails from BMG and I haven't received anything and I haven't talked to anyone.  She told me that I owe $1,955.00 for a payday loan.  Could someone tell me who I can talk to.  She left me her number to call her back at 1:00pm to let her know what I am going to do. I told her that I don't have that kind of money. I told her that I will call my attorney and she got a little upset and decided to hang up.  She wanted me to pay $375.00 dollars a week or however I get paid until I pay the amount out.
Same thing here.  Agent Davis calling from 404-935-9480, a warrant for check fraud from a payday loan.  I immediately knew it was a scam and reported it to the Federal Trade Commision, my states district attorney, who else should i report it to?

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