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Looked Number: 2562814304 | Area Code : 256 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 2562814304

I told this individual that I was on the National DO NOT CALL registry and he said that is for telemarketers only. He stated that he is inquiring if I want to continue my education....REALLY???!!! That is sales! He then got rude with me claiming that I filled out a form and inquired about continuing my information and went on to read me my email address in a rude tone. First of all I am already a student so I would never submit an inquiry like that. I told him to remove me from their call list and he got mad stating that I requested that he call (which was not true). I asked to speak to his manager because he just wanted to argue with me over the issue and he had the audacity to tell me that I had an attitude. I am thinking...you blow my phone up constantly while I am at work trying to make a sale after I clearly registered my number on the do not call registry and get mad when I ask you to remove my number from your contact list. Of course I am a little upset!

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I would like for this person to stop calling my phone. PLEASE AND THANK U
This called needs to be shut down.
Amy c
Do not want to recieve cals from this number
i got a call onmy cell .. and just to let you know it doesn't waste cell minutes unless you answer it .. or call it back
Carla Bentley
These people keep calling and leaving no message.  I have a cell phone and this wastes my minutes.
Same as Lacy, got a call; no message left.
unknown person
You can file a complaint with your Attorney General's office on line and the FBI.  Hopefully you kept all of their info, because you will need their name,  phone, date and time of calls and transactions.
i fell for their threats, andpaid them a riduculous amount of money.  how do i even go about filing a complaint or even suit against them, knowing now that i fell for their trap

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