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256 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 256 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 256 Series

256-225-1338 Walt
Text Msg:  "You have been choosen to receive 2 free bahamas tickets call: 888-991-6409"
256-225-1338 Melissa
Got a text "You have been choosen to receive 2 free bahamas tickets call: 888-991-6409youwonnn"
256-225-1338 STOP, get a real job!
Got a text from this number saying to call 888 991 6409 to obtain my free banamas cruise.
256-529-4030 MCharles
recorded message for wireless home security.  Press "2" for their "do not call list".  Why don't they have the national "do not call list" already?
256-529-4030 dave
These do***ebags called asking if I wanted to buy an artificial wrist prosthetic.  I have to "hand" it to them, they also got my credit car, ssn, and tickets to see the Eagles.
256-529-4030 Joey
They called and didn’t leave a message. Almost sounded like a fax.
256-529-4030 dt
Message says "do not hang up! You have been selected to receive a free GE home security system...." (I hung up because I have heard of this scam before!! Tired of it!!
256-529-4030 Susie
Home security scammers.. different day, different phone number.. called at 1:00pm EST today.. DNC listed for 9+ years.. Did not answer... now in my block list..
256-529-4030 Tim
Did not answer.
256-529-4030 Cuzzin Neufy
And who  are you, one of the scammers upset about people being told not to be duped, dope?
256-529-4030 USuck
lol! 'ggcb' must be one of the idiot scammers reading what people are posting.... pissed that someone takes the time to educate others?!? Pathetic!I just got a call from the boneheads! I picked up and then hung up immediately, next time they call it's call block time!If these losers would put this kind of effort into legitimate businesses they would do quite well. Unfortunately they just want to scam your friends, family and neighbors!
256-529-4030 noneYA
The word is "dupe" not "doop", dope.
256-529-4030 ggcb
If you get a call from this telemarketer, please file a complaint with the FCC and FTC: http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm.  If they receive enough complaints, they'll investigate. In addition, they send information on how to file a lawsuit. Recently, they shut down five of these scams.
256-529-4030 cme
SCAM ALERT PLEASE READ!!!!Scammers! They are not a real company, there are no services provided, the caller ID is faked in order to doop you. Theft is the only thing they do. If you have been dooped, please contact your local police department and FBI agent. They are phishing for credit cards and identitites. Telemarketing scams are on the rise and they are mostly targeting the elderly and the gullible.Telemarketing Robo calls are 100% illegal. These calls wont stop because people keep falling for them. Please report the calls to the DNC list and other appropriate authorities. Trust me, it is not useless. Do not call the number back, Do not press any numbers to be removed or to speak to an agent. These types of calls will unfortunetly continue, they are the new spam. Warn others. Let other people know about this scam. They call from various numbers, even overseas numbers, but the call signs are all the same; an out of area phone call, weird and unsuspecting caller ID, never a call back number, never identifies who they are, always the same ole scare tactic robo call. But more so, NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE. I do not understand why anyone would do that in this day and age. KNOW YOUR LAWS folks! Never ever give out personal information over the phone, expecially to random callers. Please report, warn others, IGNORE the calls (you will recieve many more). As soon as people stop giving criminals there hard earned money, soon these calls will stop. REPORT, WARN, IGNORE!https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2
256-585-6610 Monica
Got a call on my cell.
256-513-7945 Lori
Same here, they call, but no message. Looks like # is a cell phone from Huntsville. I dunno who it is.
256-513-7945 cathy
I received a call from this number on 10/31/2012.  No message was left.
256-689-5050 Mike
I have dealt with Al Squitieri before and thank goodness for this post.  I kept getting random text messages from this same number (which I now understand is his phone number) and they were all spam.  Some days I would get over 10 messages per day.  I called the number back and no answer.  I left a message indicating if I receive any more messages I would be happy to file harassment charges as I think this is intentional harassment on his part.
256-689-5050 KT
Recieved a call from an Al Squitieri from Alabama on Friday when I was out of the office.  Message left by him was vague, and made no reference as to what company he was with or why he was calling.  Called him back this morning, thinking it may be work related.  He was from a company called Copytalk and was supposedly told to call my company to introduce himself.  I was in the process of plugging my laptop back in while he was still talking, and reached below my desk to plug in the adapter when I accidentally disconnected my phone from reaching too far.  I plugged my phone back in after I got my laptop set up, and saw that he called back and left a message.  The message he left was extremely RUDE, and told me I was unprofessional for hanging up in the middle of a call and started rambling for a good 2 minutes about it! Can you say PSYCHO AND UNREAL?? He even told me he won't care if I call to complain to his manager! WHAT A PSYCHO! AL SQUITIERI, I'm talking to your manager right now, good riddance!
256-604-7472 Paula
Left nothing on the answering machine.

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