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256 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 256 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 256 Series

256-281-3544 AJS
I also received a phone call from this number. DId not answer.
256-281-3544 JDJ
Got a call today from this # on my cell. I answered and it disconnected. I called the # back from a fax line and it is an out of service #. Phone search comes up as Boaz AL.
256-281-3544 Jimbo
Getting a lot of calls from strange area codes.  We just don't answer them.
256-281-3544 DRD
I am getting calls no message?????
256-281-3092 matt
Heyyy Matthew
256-281-3092 jerry
Heyyy jerry
256-281-3092 Why are you calling?
I got Heyyy Nancy.  I called the number and got a voicemail message that the person was unavailable and would be notified that I called.  Before that I'd responded to text and asked who it was.  No response yet.
256-281-3092 Scared to even write it
Same thing, yahoo user peytonchickie8
256-281-3092 dano tha famo
this # texted me: heyyy dan.   (to me that sounds like a chick tryin to get d****d down)
256-281-3092 Roy Dog Roy Baby
some one hit me up on this number
256-280-4317 annoyed
call ID says "degreematch" ... my resume is posted all over the internet, I guess that must mean that I'm uneducated and need (another?) degree ... ?!?!?!  Seriously, people, if I don't answer the phone the first 45 times you call me, I'm not going to answer EVER!!
256-280-3586 TN
Got a call from this number but they did not leave a message.  I called back and the greeting said it was a telecommunications company with Comcast.
256-280-3586 Steve
Has called three times on my cell phone and does not leave a message. I do not answer calls from people I do not know.
256-280-3585 mart
called left no message
256-280-2968 Mary
No response when I answered.
256-280-2955 de
no message . . . called it back. . . weird short msg. . . crank caller. .  do not answer..  blocked caler
256-280-2955 MD
saying you won...wants to talk about insurance. spam
256-280-2955 MW
Got a call and when I called back it is some man's voicemail that is not easily understood, but I did hear the "God Bless America" at the end...
256-280-2955 Pat
I want these calls stopped, my number is on the do not call list.
256-280-2955 mj
Didn't answer it since I didn't know the number. Did not leave message
256-280-2955 beth mince
Got a call.
256-280-2955 Dr. Tim Ramos
Got a call from this number. They hung up when I answered. Just wanted to report this. My cellphone allowed minutes is being used up with calls like these.
256-280-2955 Vickie
It's a voice message saying you've won  $100.  Next started advertising insurance.  You can hit 3 and enter your telephone number to unsubscribe.
256-280-2955 K.
Called my landline.  Heard a beep like the one from a voice mail, then nothing.
256-280-2859 Derek
Got a call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.
256-280-2182 FrustratedinHSV
Received a call from "Paul Parsons" stating that he was calling on behalf of the Huntsville Firefighter's Association regarding an upcoming benefit. When I asked to removed from their calling list, he rudely asked, "Why?" As I was asking to speak with someone else, he talked over me, saying, "Yeah, yeah we'll remove you lady..." and hung up on me.Definitely shady and if this was a legit call, his rudeness is a weird way to solicit funds.
256-280-2175 Roger
When I answered, nobody replied.
256-280-2174 DanTe
If you have call forwarding features (like on Verizon Digital Voice), than forward this jerk to 717-338-2533.  That's the FCC Director's office phone.  Maybe the FCC will finally do their job when they start getting the annoying calls.
256-280-2174 Do Bother ME
Called and left no message. Caller ID displayed "Madison AL". If a call does not display a name, I do not answer.
256-280-2174 Fran
Call from (256)280-2174 at 6:50PM.  Answered, they hung up.  I put a call block on the number

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