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256 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 256 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 256 Series

256-279-5668 Kris
2015-06-11 21:25:16
It's a call center to which they tell you you've won a $100 gift card usable at any local Walmart, Target, ect. But there is a processing fee of like $4-$5. Has scam written all over it.
256-293-7650 Ramona Black
yes i did receive call on 256-293-7650
256-293-7650 Romano Black
free $1000 gift card from walmart
256-293-7650 Ramona Blackwalmart
free $1000
256-293-4674 Jane
caller called for the first time today.
256-293-3352 NewHorizon
Offered "$200 to $1,500 in just minutes today" at www.secureholidayfunds.comThe abuse address for this spamvertised website www.secureholidayfunds.com is abuse@websitewelcome.com. The reply to your abuse report will come from tickets.hostgator.com.
256-289-9044 poed
late night calls
256-289-6627 Sydney
No message just hangup.
256-288-6665 Thinh
a missing call
256-287-5248 Virtute Perennis
Called pushing Social Security Disability! Claims to be a group called Claim Assistance, could not answer any of my questions and ended up with them hanging up on me!
256-286-2351 Derek
Another unknown number
256-282-8294 Samuel
Called me on my cellphone. No message left.
256-282-7449 Icu8124me
Called for the passed 2 days and left No message
256-282-5054 Joyce
I didnt pick up.
256-282-3450 Bria
This number calls and never leaves a message.
256-282-1669 Deb
They called my cell.
256-281-8841 Erin
Got a call from this number.
256-281-8693 Lila
got a message from this number .  they put my full name and underneath, a message in some sort of foreign language, one i do not recognize.  i called the number and got a voice message mentioning that this number does not receive text messages.  the greeting is quite peculiar.
256-281-4304 Jessica
I told this individual that I was on the National DO NOT CALL registry and he said that is for telemarketers only. He stated that he is inquiring if I want to continue my education....REALLY???!!! That is sales! He then got rude with me claiming that I filled out a form and inquired about continuing my information and went on to read me my email address in a rude tone. First of all I am already a student so I would never submit an inquiry like that. I told him to remove me from their call list and he got mad stating that I requested that he call (which was not true). I asked to speak to his manager because he just wanted to argue with me over the issue and he had the audacity to tell me that I had an attitude. I am thinking...you blow my phone up constantly while I am at work trying to make a sale after I clearly registered my number on the do not call registry and get mad when I ask you to remove my number from your contact list. Of course I am a little upset!
256-281-4304 Shilitha
I would like for this person to stop calling my phone. PLEASE AND THANK U
256-281-4304 JDCOSBY
This called needs to be shut down.
256-281-4304 Amy c
Do not want to recieve cals from this number
256-281-4304 Brenda
i got a call onmy cell .. and just to let you know it doesn't waste cell minutes unless you answer it .. or call it back
256-281-4304 Carla Bentley
These people keep calling and leaving no message.  I have a cell phone and this wastes my minutes.
256-281-4304 David
Same as Lacy, got a call; no message left.
256-281-4092 Ray
No message left.
256-281-4079 Jeffrey
Called my cell, left no message.
256-281-4040 Adriana
Called my cell phone.
256-281-4011 David
just called me.
256-281-4007 Josuah
Someone called, left no message.

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