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253 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 253 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 253 Series

253-468-0050 Debbie
Called trying to sell Sports Unlimited, said I sounded cute and offered a free magazine issue. Sounded like a transvestite, however when I called back the voicemail said Amber and was a very feminine voice.
253-468-0050 Debbie
Called trying to sell Sports Unlimited, said I sounded cute and offered a free magazine issue. Sounded like a transvestite, however when I called back the voicemail said Amber and was a very feminine voice.
253-466-0007 Nicole
Its LA Fitness out of Puyallup, WA
253-465-3360 Albert
This number keeps calling daily, sometimes several times.  I answered today, said "hello" briskly, and it sounded as if the male voice said: "I couldn't get on" and then hung up.  Sick of unwanted calls.
253-460-8863 Janell Erney
A child was calling "National Humane Society" and prank calling from this number
253-460-7291 Bruce
do not know who this is
253-460-6848 Brenda
No one was on the line.
253-460-3215 yulneverknowme
this number display on caller ID upon answering it.dead air then line being disconnectedjust did reverse phone search on Address.comtwo people name under this number. maybe at different timesDominique haymore, 4331 67th ave W, Tacoma, WAHilda Lunkuse, 7634 40th St W, Tacoma, WA
253-460-3215 John Hunt
Got a call from this number at 4:36 PM 26 Aug. It says only Corporate office.
253-460-3215 Mammarose3
I received a call from this number at 8:23 pm last night,I don't know who it is.
253-460-3082 kathi
Internet Pharmacies all our business daily. Usually rude foriegners. Now the calls are threatening rape and other graphic, obscene acts.
253-460-3080 Ruth
Got a call from this number.
253-460-3064 Mad3
I keep getting calls from these stupid crooks,most likely Nigerians.. I believe they are trying to steal my ID because I noticed that they try to keep the line open as long as possible while their partners try to get information on the computer about my phone number...so be careful..hang up immediately,better yet,don't even answer and don't worry about missing a call from a relative or friend because if it is really someone you know,he or she will leave a message but those low life  cowerd crooks will not dare leave one.
253-460-3064 ny
i hate these mofo's-constantly getting calls. they are extremely rude yet they want to sell me something-they are unbelieveable.
253-460-3064 Brandy Morris
I keep getting calls from weird numbers and they ask for Nicholas and I have asked them so many times to stop calling me and they hang up on me! I have tried being nice and mean and they hang up before I can finish my sentence. Then finally a lady asked me if I took pills and I said no and she didn't believe me that I didn't take pills. I don't answer anymore but I wish it would stop. It is so annoying!!! Does anyone know how to stop it aside from shutting my phone off??? I am about ready to!
253-460-3064 simon
i just learned this yesterday,,,if you have a smart phone, download callfilter,,,,,,it is free,,,as these numbers call me,,,,I click one button and at least THAT number can't call me :)
253-460-3064 Nikki
I have been receiving phone calls from these numbers as well for almost 4 damned years..they ask for someone else..it is my cell they are calling. I have told them over and over again to remove my number from their list and they still call! They just called me again today. I asked to speak to their supervisor and he said he was the supervisor....I said no...I want to talk to YOUR Supervisor ...he called me a f****ng idiot and hung up! These people are relentless! How the hell can we get rid of these pests??????
253-460-3064 dee dee
guy with an Indian accent said he was with "Global Healthcare."  I've been harrassed by a US Pharmacy telemarketers for years, can't get them to quit calling, even though I always ask to be taken off their phone list.
253-460-3064 ACE
THANKS  For leaving all these neat numbers---if anyone of them are "working numbers" I got shares in the Brooklyn Bridge I want to sell them
253-460-3064 kim
thanks for the extra numbers to add...great idea!
253-460-3064 Neil
It seems this Pharmacy has my number too - they keep asking for David Lindsey - whoever he is. This has been going on for at least three years and quite honestly I'm getting SICK of it. I have a BlackBerry and have the below numbers stored in my address book with the name as "Don't Answer" and with a custom tune as MUTE. It doesn't stop them calling, but doesn't interupt me either:+303468232913034682329+000000000010000000000185551534450000001866515344518127788255+7812847585+15153695831+170627778853000+2157955742+9121579557421650851938512534603064+2534603064+91603357539016172830119+5705815275+860283017012054284248+2485621268+662842634+2163620645I'm not joking - all these numbers if you call them - are OUT OF SERVICE and are fake/cloned whatever they do.
253-460-3064 ljrh
got answering machine and never leaves a message, I don't know anyone from Tacoma Wa, so never answer this caller
253-460-3064 John
Call to NJ land line.  Didn't pick up; left no message
253-460-3064 gins
LMAO! Have had calls from all of these numbers for months. What a nightmare. Have started goofing on them as much as possible. Have now relisted my address as a homeless shelter and my phone number as dial a prayer, along with several preacher beg-athon numbers I dug up. These guys are unbelievable. And they are all foreign--even "Skippy", "Jack", "Frank", and (my personal favorite) "Vinnie." I give up!
253-460-3064 kendall
and 347-468-8566
253-460-3064 EHHHH FEHHHH
these F**...TS keep calling i always cuss them out and then they just hang up, they call me in different numbers, reply if these call you as well:-2534603064-2157955742-8172366474-7757816322-8667201471-8775252274-91401-2402107114-6197818912-2034611165-6195940463-98519-2064743535-8884005719
253-460-3064 Ruth Anne
I received a call from this number today.  US Pharmacy.  I have asked repeatedly for the last several years to place my number on their DO NOT CALL LIST.  I asked Shannon if she understood english and would do this.  She replied YEEEESSS in a very foreign accent.  One time I asked this company to "place me on their DO Not Call List" and the creep told me I was not speaking correct english as I could not place myself on their Do Not Call List as I was a person.  I screamed as loud as I could!!!!
253-460-3064 John  D W
253-460-3064, yes repeated called from an Asian pharmacy. It' a hyjacked number. What's amazing is that they call and call and never learn that I'm not interested.
253-460-3064 Jeff
Caller ID with ring controller box works about 75% of the time.  I use to get the same 5 calls a day but this box blocks the majority of them.  But FYI these a**holes have about 30 different numbers they use so you have to block them one at a time as they come in but man oh man, this little box is worth every penny of its cost
253-460-3064 mickey swedick
Also i think its against the law to soliciate drugs over the phone so why cant a cop or fed agent pick these dirt balls up..........

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