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Looked Number: 2486862924 | Area Code : 248 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 2486862924

Also got a call (no message) from this number, followed by a text message with the phone number and nothing else. Lol!

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Victor is still at it!  Don't bother calling him back!
THANK YOUJust wanted to thank everyone who contributed here.  I just got the voicemail from VICTOR - (248) 686-2924You've all saved me some time, and I now know that he's *not* actually a new lead.Appreciate your posts.
Frank ZiZi Software
Gotta love these sites, I just got a message from same guy posted above, all I understood from his message was -   "Hello I'm V...a, bla bla bla custom software solutions bla bla bla my direct line is 2486862924"He sounded indian so I wasnt planning on calling him back, since their developers charge $1 an hour there's no way they could afford my company's services.Disclaimer, yes I know I'm generalising...
Same as everyone else Victor wanting to know what I do.  His way of putting things sounded like he wanted me to do some work.  Glad I found this before I called back.  I screen all calls there are way too many telemarketers out there I just don’t have time for.  Sites like this make all the difference in the world!
Indian Software development company... Bad Line Quality... trying to sell his s***... called me 3 times even after i was not very gracious the first time ;-)
Andrew Kent
Victor called me twice and left messages, was mostly unintelligible but the phone number was clear. Something about software or product development. I guess I won't be calling him back.
Dean DeVries
didn't leave a message

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