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Looked Number: 2242225053 | Area Code : 224 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 2242225053

Irene C
They called this number more times than I can list. When I finally answered the phone, they were calling for someone else.  That person isn't here, and I'm waiting to see if they call again. I'm deaf and my son usually handles the phone for me. I am seriously annoyed because I can't hear on the phone and I'm getting calls not even for me or related to me. Isn't this illegal?

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It's Chase Card Services collection department.  I have over due balances on a card and they are calling my cell phone on average 8-10 times a day.  I'll pay them as soon as I receive my share of the TARP money.
I received 37 calls on my cell phone in five days, and still receiving. Fortunately, I have Call Control, so I was able to put the caller on my Black List. One would think that after a few calls and no one never picking up the fools would know to stop.
always call and dont leave a message and hang up on my cell phone
Address: Click HereLine Type: LandlinePhone Carrier: Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - IlCity: WheelingState: ILCounty: Cook
this number pops up on my caller id and never leaves a message  they call on sundays also
I just received a call from these people at this number, never had a Chase card and never will.So not sure where the ladies attitude, came from but can go right back where it started from. For somereason she could not understand not who she was looking for.............
They said there from Chase.  I searched online and lots of complain about this phone numbers.  Some people said it's a fraud, after they called Chase 800 phone number directly.  DO NOT give any info about your self (ACCT#, SSN & etc).  If your trying to settle a debt call the bank directly or get someone to represent you.
serious guy
I'm not sure if it is a legit collections department or not, my thoughts on the matter are to answer the call and to challenge them on their questions without giving any information out yourself.  They are calling you,  you are not calling them.  I am not even a chase customer and they called me hundreds of times a week until i finally picked up and found out that I wasn't even the person they were looking for and got myself taken off of their list.  They have not called me since
does any one have the full address and zip for chase card member services with a Phone number 224-222-5053 please email above
Angry mobile user
This phone number is a scam, I just can't figure out why they keep hanging up.  What is it they gain?  Information from my phone?  I did receive a fake e-mail from Chase saying I had insufficient funds, which I did not.  They then use a hijack virus to try and get your information and they try to get you to confirm your account number or your social security number.  Whatever you do, the bank will never ask you this information!!!!

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