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224 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 224 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 224 Series

224-355-6194 Anonymous
2018-01-02 19:56:30
I answered the phone and they asked for somebody that sounded like deep sink I said there’s no deep sink here and then there was silence so I hung up they called back and then started yelling because I hung up and I said there’s no deep sink here and he started yelling why did I hang up, is this a gas station I said no and started yelling again and I said I don’t need this aggravation goodbye
224-267-1346 BBZB
2015-04-07 02:23:23
got a call from 1346 and no other numbers
224-356-0089 andrew
They say they are calling from american health something. They claim they are in Tallahassee Fl. The supervisors name is Annie, ask for her if they call.
224-356-0089 Chris
They call constantly, it is some online pharmacy. The callers all have an Indian accent. I have asked, and asked that they quit calling, but they continue at all hours.
224-355-6194 Rebecca
I did not answer it.
224-355-5389 brit
caller doesnt respond when I answer. Doesnt hang up or speak. has called twice today.
224-355-0147 Anthony
Wanted to know who owns this phone number.
224-355-0054 Adam Krassny
224-354-2360 Wants to Know
Hang up
224-353-8426 Scruffy Curmudgeon
DNIS displayed digits are: 224-353-8426 unknown name - recorded telemarketing call - call back determines automated calling system, unknown company.  Advertisement violating FCC DNC is from unidentified firm:  "Kevin" using call back number of (508) 768-7885 - calling that number results in forward to voice-mail.
224-353-8387 Bill
These is a telemarketer who is advertising "Kevin" for upholstery. cleaning and other things. He gives the number to call as 508-768-7885.
224-353-8387 Bill
These is a telemarketer who is advertising "Kevin" for upholstery. cleaning and other things. He gives the number to call as 508-768-7885.
224-353-7516 celine
want to know that if this is a scammer, personal number or business.
224-353-7516 Widyastuti
I want to know that. A personal number or a scammer
224-353-6582 Amanda
When I answered, nobody replied.
224-353-2800 Deja
Trying to find out who owns this phone number.
224-353-0398 Nicole
I want to know who owns this phone number.
224-345-8278 Mike
calls cell phone
224-345-7501 Joanne Barry
I want them to NOT call me!
224-345-7501 WDG
Called, but left no message. Caller ID reads: Private caller. Dex Knows reports it as a cell phone from Arlington Heights, IL. On call-back, the number is busy.
224-345-7501 KP
They are offering a free home security system which i'm sure is not free. The caller ID is MYMEDICALRECORD which is just a way to get you to answer.
224-345-7501 yo
i got a call too
224-345-7501 me
I got one too..
224-345-2533 Grrrr
I did not answer the phone.  Just for fun I called back and got a polite woman I could not understand--India maybe?  She asked who I was and I said you people called me.  She did not respond.  I then asked the name of her company several times--each time she told me I absolutely could not understand what she was saying.  I finally asked her to spell it.  That was even more amusing.  I gave up and told her that she must have called me by mistake.  She agreed.  At least I think she agreed.  Heck, I'm not at all sure what she said....
224-345-2533 Flyin'Dutchman
This number and SixTelllcChi showed on caller ID.  Don't know anybody in Chi -Town. We never answer unknown callers.
224-345-2533 meanmom
Received call on my cell ph. Could not understand what the person was saying.
224-345-2533 BillyJack
Just received a call from this number. I was on another call when I picked it up and it was an India sounding male asking me something and I hung up. I tried to call the number back and it automatically cut me off.
224-345-2533 pewpew
useless telemarketer, block
224-345-2533 224-345-2533
Claims insurance company in Illinois (Health insurance rates have been lowered)
224-345-2533 Alex
I've just started recv'd calls from this number on my wireless phone...

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