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218 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 218 area code.

Record Unidentified Customer & Assistance Others

Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 218 Series

218-359-0314 Julie Wade
My son answered and the person said it was Indiana Beach and wanted to talk to me. He told her I wasn't home and asked if he could take a message. She said no and hung up.
218-359-0313 Sydney
called left no message.  I called back and got busy number, and when I did get through it sounded like a machine.
218-359-0312 PS
Called....didn't recognize number so I didn't answer.  Did not leave message when answering machine picked up.
218-359-0311 Ryan
I called it back and they were doing a research call about indiana drug and alch.
218-359-0311 jimbo
Has tried to get through to me.
218-359-0311 L
It came up as "Blocked Name".  Tried to call it back but got a busy signal.
218-355-1192 cooper roynetter
i was enquiering about the yukon danali for 3000
218-353-1611 Jeffrey
No response when I answered.
218-349-9158 Josuah
it was a call to my cell phone.
218-349-6934 Concerned Parent
(218) 349-6934 is texting my 12 yr old daughter and will NOT Stop! If this person is texting you, please report him or her to your Local police 911 IMMEDIATELY! This pedifile must be stopped! I have texted and called him to stop and has refused and the police are aware of his unwanted and unwarranted perverted texting to my family. The phone number my daughter has and will be changed soon apparently used to belong to an old victim of his. Please, if you see this number appear on your phone via text or phone call, please do not hesitate to contact your local law enforcement. Thank you and your welcome.
218-349-4972 rfrfwc
218-349-2493 Andrea
When the machine picked up caller hung up.
218-349-1419 Concerned Consumer
I got a call from this phone number and he (Matt) wanted some a labor job at his place of work. He was very rude and pushy. He would not let me get word-in-edgewise or even engauage in a conversation with him. He kept asking me for my address and social security number claiming he needed it for his records. This man is not a good person. He is out to defraud people. Please do not answere the phone if he calls you. Be safe in 2012. Lots of scams will be happening this year. Guys like this will seem to grow on trees.
218-348-7760 Raymond
Left no message
218-348-1164 Mr
This person steals other peoples items from cars. We aware!
218-348-0703 Ross
Called my cell phone and hung up when I answered.
218-346-7834 Tessa
This telephone number calls me almost every day. Usually its in the morning, between 9am-10am.I never answer the call, and they never leave a message.  I'm working on a way to block this number completely.
218-346-7834 Tracy Lou
Shows up on Caller ID only, left no message.
218-346-7813 victor z
who is caller
218-346-7665 Lucas
Got a call from this number.
218-346-3297 Daisy
Received a phone call. Did not answer.
218-341-8026 Lesley
The caller did not leave any message.
218-341-3389 who
They call me but i don't know this number, I didn't pick up the phone.
218-341-0282 Brian
no message left
218-340-8350 Amanda
No response when I answered.
218-340-7612 Brandy Staus
Wondered who this was!  Had a high school sweetie and he didn't leave a message!
218-340-5165 defoemj
Who is this
218-340-4575 Alma
left no message on machine.
218-340-2905 Stan heaston
Hang up
218-340-1109 dfgjkl

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