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Looked Number: 2067771969 | Area Code : 206 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


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United States
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User Comments for 2067771969

2015-02-18 19:09:06
They have called three time in the past 24 hrs. They leave a robo message to call some other 800 number. This is a scam of some type. I am so fed up with these scammers. I get calls several times a day for all types of medical devices, scam debt collectors, credit card interest rate scams and more. I am on the "Do not call" list for all the good that has done.

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professional business ( 2015-02-17 23:53:27 )
keep getting calls, no messages left. several per week from this "Granite Communications" I've given my number to have them stop calling me, several times, but they still call.
Jessie ( 2015-02-16 20:10:53 )
Got a call from the 312-380-9840 He wanted to buy my 2015 truck that was listed for 58000. He said he will pay for shipping and asked for my bank acc. I told him send a citified check. It takes two days he said. I said to bad and then hung up> Now he keeps texting me. Who buys a 60000 truck with out looking at it
BeautifulAquarius ( 2015-02-15 00:31:22 )
This number is legit. I literally just got off the phone with a Pnc rep and she confirmed this number is an automated service they use when they suspect suspicious activity on your account. They are just trying to make sure the purchases were made by you. They do not ask for anything but your zip code and last 4 digits of your card number, which they already have when they call. You are just reconfirming this info. TOTALLY NOT A SCAM!
PT ( 2015-02-14 17:44:45 )
Cris is indeed correct. My PNC agent just verified that 800-225-5671 IS a valid PNC number for Debit Card fraud protection. That said, anyone with concerns about the validity of this or any number reportedly coming from PNC should simply contact PNC directly and follow their instructions. Thanks!
fed up ( 2015-02-14 05:42:33 )
These idiots called me at 10:56, 1:36, 2:38 & 7:09 today. They never left a message. I called them and they were looking for someone with the same last name as mine. Why don't they verify their into before harassing people?
lf ( 2015-02-12 21:28:31 )
Keeps on calling. Don't know who it is.
lf ( 2015-02-12 21:27:57 )
Keeps on calling. Don't know who it is.
Smo ( 2015-02-12 01:38:15 )
Called me to get payment for overdue college books, claimed to be a law firm.
Nat ( 2015-02-12 01:32:50 )
They just called me twice, didn't leave message. I just heard strange beeping when answering the phone.
report it to the Brentwood, suffolk county police, NY ( 2015-02-11 20:21:42 )
If you look around, you can find that this number is supposedly a 14 year old more or less ATT cell number from Brentwood, NY..if I'm remembering correctly. If you contact the police in the area that the number is registered to, you can do something about it. It is in the jurisdiction of the Police in that area. Call them. This number called my cell and I didn't pick up. They left no message.

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