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Looked Number: 2013738380 | Area Code : 201 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


Country :
United States
State/Location/Service Provider Information :
New Jersey
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User Comments for 2013738380

3rd call today, no message... wonder if theres a way to get it blocked

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I have been called by this number for 3 days in a row now. No messages left and am not able to call them back. When I tried to call back the phone would ring twice and then go busy. It sounded very garbled.
I have received 2 calls from this number today...left no message
hang up, no message, didnt even hear it ring once
Same as above, a man I couldn't undserstand wanted to give me a grant, anywhere from $5,000- $30,000. He got fustrated when I told him the goverment doesn't call and ask for personal info like that, and we are told not to give personal info out. I hung up on him.
A man named Alvin jones from government grants called me from this number and said since I have paid taxes that I am qualified for a guantanteed 5 G's and up to 25 G's as long as I didnt use it for drugs or gambling. He was asking for my name, social security number, driver's licence number and other person info. I told him the gov't doesnt have my cell number and if I am due money they have all the information. As I was speaking with him I googled the number and this site came up with all these comments. I started reading them to him and he hung up the phone. The company name is popular american grant and he gave me a bogus work id number. Please beware and dont get caught slipping with these dirty Indian mother f*ckers. Your homie from DC.
India chick calling to give me $25,000 in grant money.  Can't use drugs, liquor, or gambling.  Got mad when I didn't believe her.  Have had similar call from some dude in India.
Hey! I got the same guy!He laughed at me and was like "you don't believe me do you?" I said said "Not with my bank account I don't!". I can't get back through to that number though....did'nt give them info, but now I want to call back and talk to them! Jerks!
a man named "alvin jones"  from government grants called me from this number and was very pushy to get my bank account number and routing number for my checking account.  claimed that since i pay my taxes  the governement was offering me a guarenteed $5000 and was gonna try to get me 30,000 as long as i didnt use it for drugs.  he gave me a few numbers so that i could no he was legit and then transfererred me to his supervisor who was simply named steve.  these were both men who sounded ike they were from india.  the best part is that im a student and have only paid taxes once and he called my cell phone. then i told him i had given him bogus info and gave him some random name and social number and bank and he said that he verified that i was real. they also didnt even know what my name was.  im so glad they called yay!
repeated calls no message.

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