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Looked Number: 2013738322 | Area Code : 201 | Country : United States | Record Unknown Customer


Country :
United States
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New Jersey
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User Comments for 2013738322

Called the toll free number and asked them to put me on their do not call list.  Very polite and was told that it would be done. We will see.

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Den Holla
I called the number mentioned before (1-800-931-3765) to request removal and they seemed to be quite responsive.  We'll see!
I get this call at like 6 in the morning my time on both my home phone and cell.  I keep telling them I don't want to contribute and tell them not to call again, but alas they do not stop.  It is 11 am here and so far they have called twice.  I am getting tired of it!
Yes they are legitimate.  I get the US magazine from them every year! Money goes to a good cause
From Miami
Dial America solicits people to subscribe to magazines and donates the proceeds to MADD.  I have received a call from them once a year and subscribe to Nick Jr. magazine for my kids.  It is legit.  I also receive something in the mail from MADD thanking me for my contribution.
Called the number and Ron Blair Kindly Removed from the list.

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