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201 Area Code Numbers List

Call numbers are shared lots of location codes based on city/ state area code, so that it can be thought of quickly and easy to maintain. Below is the checklist of all call numbers series which works under 201 area code.

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Noted Numbers with Individual Remarks Under 201 Series

201-215-1741 Anonymous
2018-10-09 00:43:03
caller id says not in service. blocked. called 4x a day
201-204-1577 Anonymous
2018-09-14 00:05:15
201-358-1369 ZavgarMub
2014-12-15 04:26:10
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201-403-9980 a-little-concerned
I reiceved a call from this number 3 times in a half hour.  The number and location was listed on my caller ID so I picked it up.  It was recording, possibly a computerized voice, stating "Hello, today is thursday, thank you for answering."  It called 15 minutes later and didn't leave a message and it called 9 minutes after that.  When I picked it up I heard nothing.  I called the number back and was told the number was not in service.  I also looked the number up online and its listed from a different city then what was on the caller ID.  The caller ID listed it from Hackensack, NJ but two internet searchs said it was from Newark, NJ.
201-403-9979 linban
I received this call at 3:54am.  I jumped out of bed to answer and only heard a portion of the recording that ended with call 911.
201-403-9979 mav
Rec'd two calls one during the day, one at 3:20 am...Anyone know what this is?
201-403-9979 Marcia
I got a call from this number around 4:20 to 4:30am and scared me because my first thought was, at this time for someone to call something happened.Picked up but no one talked.Very annoying.
201-403-9979 Mike
This number called my work phone. Four other people at my company received a call from the same # at the same time as well.Quite Annoying!
201-403-9979 Anonymous
Me too.  and It's very annoying.  who is it?
201-403-9979 EC
I just got a voicemail from this number - it was quiet for 10 seconds and then said: United Water Reports that there may be some discoloration of the water in Lyndhurst."
201-403-9979 Chris
Just had the exact same thing happen...
201-403-9979 viki
They called twice and didn't say anything. They just called twice within 5 minutes of eachother.
201-403-9978 John Kleinbauer
Got me again! I called the Worthless complaint center. I now have to let the phone ring two times then if it is him hangup and hit hit *57 and then call the center again. The caller ID number is not usable in court. still the same number 201-403-9978 tone of voice is more human.
201-403-9978 Sal
robotic message, today it said today is monday. Calls almost everyday!
201-403-9978 John Kleinbauer
It may be our political pals tooling up for November! There was another number calling me with the same system. I can't find my post.
201-403-9978 PM
I have been getting these calls for awhile now never really thinking about it, but now they have become more frequent.  5-10 times a day is absurd!  Also, got the creepy message about the 4th of July.  What's the deal.  I called Verizon today, and even the Verizon guy thought it sounded freaky.  I will call the "Unlawful Call Center" and see what happens.  It seems that we are all in the same creepy boat!
201-403-9978 N
I used to live in NA and still have the phone number that I had there.  You may be on to something.
201-403-9978 John Kleinbauer
At first I thought it was caused by the items I put on Craig's list. Second guess was the listing of the house for sale. Looking back it started with that lost cat. A guy at the town hall claims he used an online service to hit every person in NA.    I use dial up through Earthlink. I also get a guy with a foreign accent that asks to show my house on holidays and Sunday. He never shows! There are some real crazies out there!
201-403-9978 n
I'm curious.  I use verizon as my ISP.  Do you too?  My concern is that it could be coming from someone hacking through that way and accessing everying from the computer.  I'm not a teckie and don't even know if this is possible, but these days, you have to be wary.
201-403-9978 VE
we're in NA too, and they just keep on calling.   Very very creepy.  Today they said "today is July 3rd, tomorrow is July 4th, Goodbye!"Something has to be done about this....
201-403-9978 John Kleinbauer
It just called me again after I posted. It used to call under another number. My guess is it is a new money making scam. By answering the phone it can log when you are home. That information can then be sold. I live in NA NJ and the town called everybody over a lost cat. It made the news. One more reason I put my house up for sale. I am on the do not call list that seems to be worthless at this point. After my house sells I go back to screening my calls.
201-403-9978 K
I recieved a few calls from a similar number (201-403-9980) that I reported on here that caller ID said was from hackensack nj.  But internet searches traced it to newark, nj.  It was a robotic voice saying "hello, today is thursday.  thank you, goodbye"  I recently started recieving calls from this number but did not pick up and did not get any voicemail.  But today they called twice and left messages.  Both messages sounded like it came from an actual person, and it sounded like the same guy.  The first said "hello, today is july 3rd, tomorrow is the 4th of july.  Happy 4th of july"  The second said "tomorrow is july 4th, happy fourth of july"
201-403-9978 John Kleinbauer
Been getting this crap for months. I am in the middle off selling my house and this is not helping.
201-403-9978 N
I reported it to Verizon and traced the call.  According to Verizon, they are working on it.  However the calls are continuing and now it's a person's voice saying. "Hi.  It's me.  Happy Fourth of July."  This is some sick individual.
201-403-9978 SD
I get that too, started out of the blue... The robotic voice "Hello, this is a test. Goodbye.". If you answer it, no robotic voice just silence. I'd suspect its probably some telemarketing firm fine tuning their electronic delivery system and records?
201-403-9978 N
Not sure who your carrier is, but I have Verizon and called to report this issue.  They gave me the number for their "Unlawful Call Center."  It is 800-518-5507.  They're closed now, but I'm going to call back tomorrow.  Their hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Hope this information helps.
201-403-9978 N
The call comes in at random times from this number.  As above poster stated.  It just says in a very eerie robotic voice.  "Hello.  This is a test.  Goodbye."  It's bizzare.
201-403-9978 csigal
My mon is in NA and has been getting the same calls!  I called for and blocked the number for her and it stopped for 3 days and she just told me it started again today.  Th caller ID says Hackensack but then on Reverse lookup I found it is a landline with an MCI carrier and it said Newark.  I am wondering if it is coming from a Jail in Bergen/Essex County???  I had trouble with that a few years ago when I lived in Jersey City.I do find some common thread here, my mom had her house up for sale last year.  Coincidence???  Someone has to get to the bottom of this and I won;t stop till it happens....Good luck everyone!
201-403-9978 VE
they seem to call every day.  The first day it happened, I answered and got that creepy recording.   I tried calling the number from my cell phone (all the while blocking my number) all you get is a recording that this is a non-working number.   I called the police & they told me to keep track of it, and if it continues to come up & file a report.   Apparently others are receiving the same call.   very creepy!!!!!!!
201-403-9978 ic
We are receiving these calls continuely & they do not stop they continue It is very errie & the phone company cannot control them because they are identifying the number.

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