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Loretta Moses
This Person called and didn't leave a message and when I called the number I was unable to get through. The truth is don't call my house if I didn't give you my number that's like coming to my house when you know I didn't invite you LOL God is good anyway!!!!!!!
I keep getting a call from this number, a man leaves a message saying he is Patrick Martin and says its about a legal case against me, but won't state what exactly it is about it.  He asked that I call him back, so I do and I always get someone else, they take a message, I told them to have him call me and that I want all the details of what this is about.  He calls and still says the same thing, and this man has a foreign accent, hard to understand him, and says that I committed a crime.  How could I have committed a crime in Seattle, WA.  I live in NY.
Again, I have to say that this is a DATABASE where you can research calls to find out if scammers are behind them. Posting a message asking 800notes to put a stop to this company is fruitless.The idea is to include as much info about the caller as you can, so others will know if they should avoid it.If you want to put a stop to people like this, make sure your phone is registered with the National Do Not Call Registry (links avail on this site) and then go there and lodge a complaint.Do not forget to call your local legislators, Senators, Congress people and complain about this harassing issue to them. Ask them to mimic other states that have increased the penalties and are actually enforcing the Do Not Call Registry violators.Lastly, take note of the type of phone you have. If they called your landline and you are on a portable phone- it may have a built in auto-reject feature. The caller will go straight to voicemail, but you won't have to deal with hearing the phone ring. If they are calling a cellphone, both Android and iPhones have auto-reject features built into their ROMS (operating systems). Usually found under Settings/All Calls/Auto-Reject List (or go directly to your call history, click on the number that called you, then tap your menu key and select "Add to auto-reject list"). Most phones have a limit of 20-25 numbers they can store. So remember to check back here frequently to see if older numbers have stopped getting calls.For example, This number has recent activity on it.Some of the others on my reject list haven't had any complaints here in 1-2 years. So I remove them to make room for the new offenders.One of the biggest scams of all is the way these asshats rotate out phone numbers. As soon as they realize people are blocking them (or that the REAL feds got wind of their operation) they will get a new number.And beware local numbers, too. Many of these idiots use skype or google to route their calls and try to make it look like your local area code.Good luck getting them to stop. I wish I could jump through the phone and remove their ability to speak, personally. But since I don't have that magical gift, I continue to educate, and file complaints with the Do Not Call Registry. Oddly, my calls from these fools have slowed down significantly.Hopefully yours will, too.Cheers!
Same thing.  Third time this number has come up.  Quite annoying.  I don't pick up anyone's number that I don't know, but I have a bluetooth without caller ID and pickup without looking when driving.  Extend my warranty for a car I haven't owned in 6 years.
yes no fun getting garnished now for a loan, check and a car that i totaled many years ago didnt think had to pay since i didnt have the car and had to get a new one so then i lost my job started writing checks for food then as soon as i got a job i got a few loans and paid my checks, then the payday payments come to find out didnt go to pay the loan it paid intirst or what ever they called it so i dont even know but i think the next place has to wait because hr said only 50% of my check can be garnished but when one is paid the next one will pick up or something but im done borrowing money, hard lesson learned for a  single mom with no idea about this stuff, i got a missed call they will stand in line with the rest
message from 215 220 4758  chelsea saying 'hi how are you?' when I didn't pick up she hung upsame thing happened 10 minutes earlier from 305 704 0268, same voice,same name so obviously not real numbers.
We get many prank calls to our call center from this number.Almost every day we get calls from this number, they use other numbers too e.g 000-012-3456, they ususally call using skype so their specific location can not be track.We are in the car rental business they speak English and Spanish, they shop for rates, use foul language, say nonsense things.They have Argentine accent (or similar).
risco232 - deadbeat
Susan Whytosek
A man claiming his name was Owen Sanders said I won 450K and it wasn't a scam
Yes ma'am...you are correct. I too got a call saying the same thing....they asked me to send them $200 and after 10 minutes the will send me $10,000 with that $200...It was so funny thing to me....
this number is text stalking me. creepy messages about me.
called my parens house saying he was an investigator, and an illegal immagrant was trying to use my ssc# he knew my last 4 digits and asked for my job number. Now i feel he iffy.
The phone calls are coming all hours 10pm, 7am, 11am...whenever, no one on the other side, just beeps
I rec'd a missed call, and when i called back, it said "your call cannot be completed as dialed."
Got a call from this number.
I keep getting a call from this number and the caller identifies himself as "Eric" from GE capital bank, and says that I have been approved for a loan, but I need to first go to Walmart and purchase a 160.00 Green Dot card and call him back and provide him with the information from the card, and that I will have my funds deposited into my account within the half hour. It sounded like a scam, so I have not returned any calls, and he calls practically every day. Is this a scam or not? I never knew that you had to pay an upfront fee to be approved for a loan, or is this something new these days? Please advise.
Double L
don't bother hitting 2, just get a rep on the phone, tell them you have a really old, bogus car, they will put you off the list
please call
i keep getting calls from the following 352 #'s: 688-0386; 686-1411; 684-6957; 683-7844; 684-2637; 200-4762. i'm calling the ftc, the state atty's.ofc., city-cnty-state-fed. law agencies to press criminal charges against the owner(s) of the above phone #'s [they wanna play - they gonna pay]!!!i.e. what goes around comes around.
Left message asking to sell a Timeshare.
My girlfriend is getting the same calls. She is college age and it is her cellphone...I think it is strange that only three people have reported this and they are all women... The cellphone thing is strange; usually telemarketers are not able to get the cellphone especially with people who are cautious about handing their numbers over... I posted as a man but it is for my gf; we are getting a bit concerned. calls 4 times, no message from an odd location with no identification whatsoever.
is a debt collector
Missed a call
well your right about the facts except one mersky is free and living well in phoenix and still dabbling in the merchant service business with that fat slob piece s*** ugly bum scavenger jay wigged out wigdore and his little opie taylor looking son little mike and their two side kicks tweeedle dum and tweedle dummer tony and terrorist mike stewart and lets not forget the rico suave of the bunch adam or allan or something like that he is harmless he is to busy trying to get laid at work he doesnt have the time to try and rip you off even though her gets a piece of the lie but really thats not the piece of the pie he really cares about ladies keep your panties on lock  I  workerd their as a roller I think they called me well I was  A ROLLER ALRIGHT ROLLING JOINTS IN THE PARKING LOT.  I only worked there for about a month and in that time frame I seen that guy they call mersky come in a few times a day probably trying to check on his millions what a jerk and why people even work for the big tub of lard jay ( the pervert ) wigdork he is so rude to everyone in the place oh except for that brown haired bimbo marysue or margret anyway she is the main secretary, jay spends more time trying to get in her pants and bitching at his workers then he does running the company him phony tony and the fat guy obese mike or tubalard mike I think thats what they call him well they burned me on my hours when they only paid ten bucks an hour with no breakls f****ng slave drivers they all suck
Wei Wei
I consistently receive faxes from a company called 3W Group. I am on the donot call registry but that does not seem to deter them at all. I would like them to stop. I don't have a fax machine anyway but they keep calling.
Anyone knows who calls from this phone number.
I just received a call from (701) 217-1012.... Nothing on voice when I picked, it was completely silence....Pack of losers is what they R.
They call and call and call...who are they????

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