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This number calls and never leaves a message.
Cold calling looking for newbies in the investment game.Gomer hung up on me when I started asking questions.   Pretty shady.   Most legit operations will answer questions readily and without hesitation.   Scammers not so much.   Also these scams use such generic names that they get lost in the shuffle of Google among everything else.   A REAL company's info WILL show up, contact info and all - the scammer will have nothing or very little show up.  Like always, if THEY are calling YOU, then likely it's your money they really want to connect with.We'll probably see these baboons on an episode of American Greed in a couple of years - interviewed from prison.
Called my private cell. Did not mention warranty! Said, "Last chance to remove car from list!"  It sounded like a threat! Like a bill collector!!I was worried my kid was not making his car payments and might be repoed or had let car insurance lapse, so I came here to check out the number. Thank you for you information!! Now I can sleep tonight!! (My cell phone is currently broken and I just happened to call it to check messages, so I have no way to tell what Caller ID it was.
Kandance clark
They have been calling my phone nonstop claiming to be a law office and wont give there real name
Cal - I am getting the same call - the good news - it is on my voicemail so that it does not cost me anything or get to me directly. I have just sent this collection agency an email asking if the 800-804-0057 is the one of their corect call back numbers - hopefully they will respond! You are correct, any professional collection agency contacts you by mail first. I can only imagine that some crook is using their name. I will certainly put in a complaint with the FCC and also with the NY Attorney General if I find out that it is indeed the NY based firm RMBC - I agree that caution is suggested!
I just got a call from this number to my cell phone.
Got a call with no message left.
Very Angry and Confused
I just called and canceled my interview. I'd rather spend a day with my Husband, then waste my time with a scam. Here is the information I received.... If you are skeptical about going, ask yourself this, why would you want to go to an interview you are already doubting and hear so much negative feedback about?Here it is, and I hope it helps y'all as it helped me. Pappas and Associates, manager position, International Labor Union, Caller: Tammy, Interview: right away or next day, hours: 8:30am - 8:30 pm, 30-50 Whitestone Expway, Flushings, NY 11353, 2nd floor, suite 201, phone number: 718-461-2809 ext 1009, secondary number: 718-888-9862 , interview with General Manager: Mr. Glazer, Interview for Manager Position.If you receive this call and any of this info matches, please don't get your hopes up or sacrifice anything for this company. I got my hopes up and thankfully found this site!Caller: 718-461-2809Call Type: Prank Call
Called my cellphone, despite my number is listed in the Do Not Call registry. I did not answer, and no voicemail was left.
It's Disney World trying to give you a free 3-day wkend to their amusement in Florida.  Wow, it was a real shame they hung up on me when I asked them to remove my name & telephone from their files.
Thank you, bad enough they have been calling my cell, now they are using the house number!
calls all the times
p under
Have done the same to me. Is there any truth to it? Anybody know?
No one there...
just a beeping noise. Shows as a Calgary Telus land line
They called back a few times at night, but we were not home.  No message left.  Has to be sales spam.
Had a missed call from this number on my cell at 12:29 pm in Northern MI. I checked the number out on local calling guide and it says it's the Area Code for St. Georges, Granada, but there is no prefix of 322 listed...
My son received a call from a man ( sounded foreign ) and refused to repeat the name and said he was calling the USPS and wanted to make sure an adult would be there to accept a package for me.He asked my son to give his name and DOB.The caller ID read Cheryl Moye @ 478-252-0206 from GeorgiaHe also told my son the package will be here today and he will need to be home between 10 and 11 A.M. as he will need to sign for the package.I advised my son in the future not to give out personal data to anyone over the phone and if and when a package arrives not to sign or accept it.
He goes by the name of Richard Cronn,  and there has been quite a few more different names that they are trying to scam you with !!!! Another name is McKinney different area code but, yes very weird questions ? Do they not read the CL post before they try to scam you ?????? DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL !!!!!
calls cell phone
I also received a call from this #.  Didnt answer it since I only answer calls from #s I recognize.  They did not leave a message.
I called the number back always a busy signal.  I thought the phone number was from Corporate Headquarters for the company I work for.
Received a text message: Same as other "50 users have won a new Ipad3, enter....and get yours"
I just found this # on my son's cell phone! He didn't answer the phone because he did not recogonize the #. I don't know who it was, but my son called NO ONE except for #s I've put in his address book! I HATE people that call you when you don't know who they are when you are one the DO NOT CALL LIST as we are on. Everyone should get all the #s on the list before the end of Oct. 09 as soon as possible!
Sierra Club? That explains it. I'm a member
just got a call...no answer on other line for about 5 seconds and then they asked who I was, I told them name and asked if they could hear me, they said yes then silence again.  sounded like a kid/wrong number so I hung up...weird.
????? where are the links ??????????????????????????????????
I didn't pick up
Did you do a search for an auto loan? Perhaps, an auto loan for people with blemished credit? I did and that is when I started receiving these calls. You see, in the small print (which I did read) of the original submission, it allows them to have affiliates contact you with other 'services'. This, or some similar circumstance may explain why you are receiving these calls. Just ignore them. If you can, block the number. They will give up after they don't make contact or as newer prospects go to the top of the list. Or, you can answer and tell them to take your number off their call list.
Alexis payne
Prank call all the time

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