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i got a phone call
I'm tired of this. I keep getting calls from all sorts of different numbers associated with this company, they never leave a message and they never answer. It's really started to piss me off. I can't answer because I'm at work and the calling is forcing me to turn my phone on silent when something serious could happen.
This company has called my home and office numerous times, stating that I have some kind of debt,  but they are asking for my information and they want a credit card. He says his name is Charlie Cooper and the hotlink to his division is 209-205-4251.  He is very threaatening in his message and says that I must call him the very second I get this messae or I will be sorry.  Does not give the name of the comapy , but has left 25 messages in the pastr 3 days.  He is obviously from another country as I can hardly understand what he says.
Carol De Pinto
Thank you! I just sent them a message they have been calling me every single day! I am on the Do not call list so if they call again I will make a complaint to the FTC. They will then be fined $16,000 for each call they make.
Received a post card for a free trip to Hawaii.  You know what they say... If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  05/20/11
You must work for the fraudulent company Barry
just received a call from this number says cell phone on id caller.  These bogus numbers are really getting annoying.  Why do we even have a Do Not Call list it is about worthless!!
Deborah Scott
Don't call my house again
no message. just called.
Read it again
@Doug & @ TJCQThe sentence you quoted refers to inbound calls made to an 855 number, just like any other 800, 888, 877 or 866 number. The telephone number charges the cost of the call to the CALLED party. In other words it charges the call to the party with the 855 number BEING CALLED.You can never be charged for an incoming call FROM a TOLL FREE number. The only time an incoming call costs you anything is if YOU have a TOLL FREE number yourself. When you receive calls on your cell phone, it uses your airtime minutes, but that's true regardless of the number calling you (in the U.S.). In some other countries, as in Europe and the Caribbean, the premium for airtime is charged to the caller.
I received email with the same number from someone looking for air conditioners. Looks like some scam.
We received same email, only wanting to sell us insurance.
Trying to find out who owns this number.
no voice message
Got a phone call. No message left.
i actually google this number because i couldn't understand why someone could call my phone 38 times in one day.  what the heck. i put my phone down walk to the back and i had ten missed call.  these people need to get a life.  i need to know how to get these people to stop calling me.
mandy c
more to above post.  the so called legal dept collection agency explained to me they cannot send anything in writing because I never signed a contract then I said you idiot if i didn't sign contract then I am not responsible anyway.
Your "free" gift card comes with a membership to some sort of shopping club that costs $49/month.  The shopping club is worthless.  Cancelling the membership takes months.  You'll pay $200-$300 for that $100 gift card.
The Prof. Ebral
Number calls various times and at random.  No one is on the line.  They must be phreaking.  I am going to report it to my telephone company.
Have received 4 calls today.  I do not answer because I do not recognize the number.  No voice mail message is left.
Repeated calls from subject, indian accent threatened legal action
called again today at 7:20 p.m.
calls in and when you answer doesn't speak.
This guy keeps calling my busniess.  I must have had him call at least 100 times and he won't stop!!!  The police were called! The officer even talked to him but he wont stop calling.  I just filed a report!  He tell us his name is Nick Wilson!  Very threatining and rude. Even told me to shut up can called me a Bi***!!  Told me he was going to show up at the hotel at midnight and rape the female staff!!!
Continue to call, but called the phone service and a tap is on my phone for the last 2 weeks. Maybe something will put a stop to this.  I have no student loans and no collection.
Called 10am does not speak good english!
This is a collection call from Cox Communications. They call from 757-222-3500 and ask you to call one of two numbers and 703-480-7575 is one of them. Once you call they inform you that you have a payment due and give you options of paying over the phone or paying at a payment location.
just received a call from this number i answered and indian guy trying to tell me he is james brown i said go ahead he asked with what i said well you called now go ahead then stating he calls from a law company mckinney and stating they filed a lawsuit against me...hmmmmmm i checked this number and saw all those comments i even went further and went on the mckinney webpage and they are even stating that their name is being used for a scam and just call law enforcement on them....well i hung up on "james brown" and he kept calling so after the 5th he called i just answered listen i called law enforcement on you that they are running a scam and they hung up one meall i say is wow how desperate some people become is just awful
John Smith - wants to talk to me or my attorney   But he said if I don't call, he wishes me luck.   How nice!   NOT!!!    And type of call should be ILLEGAL THREAT
Calls incessantly.  No idea who they are.

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