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I also just received this message at 1:43 Eastern...and I don't even have an acct with SunTrust
Don't know who this is...called my cell and left no message.
blue fish tv.  I called back and actually got a real live person.   I told her I keep getting calls from this number and a hang  up and I was on the do not call register, she actually told me that religious organizations (I work at a church) can not put numbers on the do not call list!  I said then I am asking you not to call this number again.
did u get a call back? we got the same number calling us
TM 15301
At first the respons onthe other end was delayed. but then someone began speaking. She said he r name was margaret and sounded like a live person. But a few seconds in the call I realized it was a recorded message. It was personalized regarding obtaining an auto warranty for my specific vehicle. I'm not sure how they got my phone# and car info since I am not currently in the market & have not recently requested warranty info so that issue definitely concerns me. I called back but received a busy signal. I will try a few more times to reach a live person and then ask to be removed from their calling list.
I got a call from this number: (240) 206-8441MD, USA, 2 days ago. The guy said I was selected for a govt. grant of 70,000 dollars. Yeah right. So, I called his bluff and asked him to not call me again. I could hear something in his voice as if it was being altered electronically and some background noise. I cut the call and immediately he called back and kept trying to convince me that he was the real deal but in a loud, aggressive way. He said he could prove it by giving his ID number ( oh, sure an ID number and I can trust that fraudster, ha!). He kept interrupting me and I said that if he was a real rep he would have learn't the first rule while talking to a customer, i.e, do not interrupt a customer mid conversation. I got mad after that and threatened to google this mumber and file a police complaint. Then I cut the call. Today morning I got the call from the same number but I did not pick up. I think I know how they get our telephone numbers. I applied for a brand new credit card the day before I got the first call. I notice that these calls start after such instances. I guess the credit card company is releasing information to telemarketers by "default" until we day no and then these fraudsters somehow get a hold of some numbers. This whole thong stinks and is deep. Whoever is reading this- please remember if you have made some applications that involve a credit check. Be careful, be safe and good luck.
Same here
"don't be alarmed.......to lower your interest rate now press one"i got sick of ignoring the stupid message over/over/over so i pressed one. they just want personal info - your name, CredCrd name+#s, other loan info. if you ask not to call back...they call back anywayreport them to FCC  http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm                        1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322)i also got this exact message from:954-425-8545 (also miami area)Bomarc Consulting Group614 Hollows CircleDeerfield Beach, FL 33442
J. W.
I just got a call too. I didn't answer because I was at work and didn't recognize the number. After Googling the number and finding this blog, I tried to call the number back. I too got a "this number is no longer in service" message. My number is also on the National do not call list. I received a similar call several months ago and they had gotten my name & number from a multi-level marketing group that I am in. I am wondering if it has anything to do with that. Are any of you in such a group (Amway, Waiora, etc...)?
Yeah I'm getting weird text messages from this person asking me to chat with her via y! messanger. Screen name is brookeflirter13????
Jacquie Damgaard, HCCUA Exec Director
Adam.Thanks for weighing in! It is often easy for all of us to forget to say the positive.Your feelinsg are shared by over 25,000 other people and that number is growing every day!  I invite everyone to check out www.hccua.org and see all of the benefits that our Members receive.Dr. DamgaardDr. Damgaard
Every day more annoying calls from this ###.  Ugh!
This is Jbill contract manufacturing in Tempe AZ
Received call on my home phone from this Sprint number as a text to land message wanting to trade my car for some other car. No voice, all electronic. When I called the number back only got a message saying it was a mailbox for the number and to leave a message.
Kemo Sabe
Everyone that says the Do Not Call list doesn't work is wrong. The only calls I get are from charitable organizations (Do Not Call list doesn't apply to them) and this telemarketer about lowering my credit card interest rate. This is a scam and I keep blocking the numbers and they're always different and they generally come from either the 360, 406, 312 and 832 area codes. Those aren't the only ones but the majority of my calls are from them. So, my rule of thumb is that I keep a list of all area codes close to the phone and if I don't know anyone in the area code that's calling I JUST DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE.
sylvester p schmudworth
unknown.  left no message.  3rd time from this number.  Do not recognize.
I get this # calling me 3 to 4 times a day - glad to know that it is just an insurance company.  They call until they get the answering machine and hang up.  Maybe they will get the hint and stop calling - not.
I have sent an email to the chamber of commerce.  I will next call the sheriff department the next time they call.  Thanks for the info!
It's Performant, a debt collector for student loans. They have a bank of local numbers they use so people will answer.
This is the second time I received this same call, once a couple weeks ago & again today.  Stating I needed to call them back at a long distance number. (Sorry I did not write it down.) I knew it was a bogus call because it said: I was being charged with bank fraud. Without asking for any one particular individual. Anyway I hope it can be stopped somehow.
Same here. Bankers called about a Monster resume and wanted to gauge my interest in their offerings.
no message left
What a bunch of creeps these people are. They tell so mnay lies about who they are, that they can't even keep it straight. These people are bottom feeders. They will lie and scheme to try to collect a dime. Calling from Check Systems my a***. Give me a break, Mack. Stop ringing my phone.
I have an unpublished number, do not do Facebook as I see that as eventually the next big info/phishing hack and do not even give my number out in ways most people do with subscriptions and the like AND have been on the DNC list for long time, updating every 6 months. Caller ID shoed this as an OHIO CALL but since they have been calling like 4X a day decided to pick-up as answering machine was screening and it HAS to be robo-calling as it IS the Columbus Dispatch's "REGIONAL MARKETING" subcontractor, obviously NOT even abiding by FCC rules, and hanging-up every time!DO as I am doing; placing a complaint online with the FCC each TIME they call and also call the Ohio Attorney General's Office demanding they be FINED to maximum for violation of privacy! Thinking about recording the sound a FAX transmission makes (am a sound designer/musician), and recod THAT onto my answering machine msg for first few seconds and BET it curbs some of this crap!
I know - I checked to see who it was also and it is Quicken Loans - They continually call one call behind the other - I dont know what I can do about it - They had stopped for a while but now they started again
Keeps calling and trying to sell illegal drugs.
Somebody calls every evening about 630pm EST.  They always say a name, ie this is Jack Clark.  Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Other times they will say this is xxxxx xxxxx.  It is imperative that you call me as soon as possible.  I never answer or return the call.  I wonder who it is, but whoever it is I don't want what they are selling.
When I answered, nobody replied.
I received a call from this number today on my cell phone.  They left a message saying to press 1 if you want more information.  The beginning part of the message was cut off. It is a telemarketer.
They keep calling here too, and the same thing comes up on the ID as you, Matt. I actually picked up this time and they said they were looking to speak with the person who watches over our cell phone bill because we had a long distance call? Then when I was about to hang up the man said "do you have internet at your house?"... I said yes... then he asked if I listened to R&B or Hip Hop... and I said no... and he said to look up some name because he was an aspiring Hip Hop artist or something... I'm very confused.

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